Apulia, or what is known as Apulia, summarizes the charm of Italy with its elegance, beauty and nature. It is one of the traditional tourist destinations in Italy and it is characterized by Baroque towns, white Trullo homes, green olive groves and golden beaches beside blue water.
Divided into six provinces are the provincial capital Bari, Barletta Andrea, Lecce and Salento in the south, along with the most famous Basilicata site and is home to the amazing Matera Caves.

The region of Gargano is filled with rugged cliffs, secret caves and picturesque bays, in which the medieval village of Vieste is characterized by its narrow streets and white houses scattered around the beautiful historic castle dating back to the thirteenth century, and contains many wonderful beaches, including Mattinata Beach in the coastal region of Pia del Zagar, In the evening, a fresh fish meal can be enjoyed in the Trappoco fishing area.

The valley of the Trulli region is one of the most popular places for tourists looking for tranquility and natural beauty, as it is an extended valley with unique fantasy views that spread the houses of cylindrical farmers with bee surfaces known as Trulli. On the other hand, the port of Brindisi is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a Culture of Peace. The ancient city is distinguished by Italy’s rare charm and the beautiful waterfront offers a range of fine restaurants and hotels.

Polignano Mari is famous for the Grotta Palace, which is one of the most famous luxury European restaurants. It enjoys a view of the blue and green sea and is sculpted in limestone in an amazing way. Just one kilometer away, Villa Incanto Hotel, which is divided into three exclusive and independent houses for 12 people, has swimming pools. And special areas for relaxation.

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