The Saudi capital, Riyadh, is characterized by an abundance of events and activities and has become one of the important tourist destinations in the Gulf and the Middle East in general, in addition to this vital and strategic business center in it.

All this has made Riyadh hotels and Riyadh apartments a haven that offers a variety of options to suit the tastes of its different visitors. In the article, you will find the best apartments in which a jacuzzi in Riyadh provides a high degree of privacy compared to the rest of the Riyadh hotel apartments

The best Jacuzzi apartments in Riyadh

We will detail for you the following four options the best hotel apartments in Jacuzzi in Riyadh with all that distinguishes them, in addition to the evaluations that visitors gave them according to services, facilities, prices and other evaluation points.

Boudl Apartments Press

Boudl offers hotel apartments with a Jacuzzi in Riyadh, which include equipped rooms, a coffee machine, and luxurious health care facilities including an outdoor pool, fitness center, beach chairs, and a kids club.

The apartments are 5.7 km from Lausanne Events Hall, and 22.6 km from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh.

Summary of Arab visitor reviews

The apartments are very well rated for breakfast, personalized menus and modern décor.

Hotel reservation
Various accommodation options in the best apartments in Jacuzzi in Riyadh

Clemance Hotel Suites

Among the most prominent hotel apartments with a Jacuzzi in Riyadh with an indoor pool, a spa and wellness center, a meeting room, ironing and laundry services and other great services and facilities.

Its hotel apartments have a jacuzzi in Riyadh, 7.2 km from Lausanne Hall, and 27.1 km from King Khalid International Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Arab visitors gave the hotel a great rating, especially thanks to breakfast, services and a lively location.

Hotel reservation
Clemance Hotel Suites has the VIP rooms that are the best among its hotel apartments, including a Jacuzzi in Riyadh

Hyatt Rose Hotel Apartments

When looking for a hotel apartment in Riyadh with a private pool, be sure to make Rose’s life a choice. The apartments offer beautiful views, modern accommodations with facilities including TV, washing machine, kitchenware, and microwave.

It is located in a wonderful location about 9.7 km from Lausanne Hall and 25.7 km from King Khalid Airport.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

Furniture and modern design is what visitors liked most, and the hotel received great reviews in terms of cleanliness and services.

Hotel reservation
Hyatt Rose Hotel Apartments is one of the most modern hotel apartments in Jacuzzi in Riyadh

What are the best apartments in Riyadh that offer a jacuzzi?

All of the apartments recommended in our article are apartments with a jacuzzi in Riyadh, with ratings ranging from very good to wonderful, with the praise of its Arab visitors.

How much does it cost to stay in any Riyadh hotel apartments with private pool for one night?

The cost of accommodation ranges between 60 and 140 USD, and this varies depending on many factors, including the size of the room, its advantages, the date of booking, and others.

What are the cheapest and best Jacuzzi apartments in Riyadh?

Hyatt Rose Hotel Apartments is uniquely priced compared to any hotel apartments in Jacuzzi in Riyadh, in addition to its great reviews.

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