Abu Qir Bay is one of the landmarks of the natural city of Alexandria, located in the area between Abu Qir in Alexandria and the mouth of the Nile River at the Rashid region.
This bay is more than important, as it carries a lot of sunken ruins dating back to the Ptolemaic era, as it witnessed the famous naval battle of Abu Qir that took place between the English fleet led by Nelson and the Napoleon Bonaparte fleet and ended in the defeat of the French.
Here are the most important activities that you can do when visiting Abu Qir Bay in addition to the best hotels in Alexandria near it.

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Activities you can do at Abu Qir Bay

• You can take a stroll on the Gulf Beach and enjoy watching the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and relaxing in the wonderful view of the water.

Abu Qir Bay in Alexandria

• You can then take a tour of the sea using one of the boats designated for that. You can also take a swim and enjoy the fresh blue sea water.

Abu Qir Bay in Alexandria

• While touring the boat or when you enjoy sitting in Abi Qir Bay you can enjoy one of the most important activities in circulation there which is fishing, where there are a lot of fishing facilities that you can use.

Abu Qir Bay in the city of Alexandria

• If you want more adventure, you can take a trip to the depths of water in Abu Qir Bay in order to enjoy watching the sunken monuments in this region, which dates back to more than 2600, specifically to the Ptolemaic era.

Abu Qir Bay is one of the best natural areas in Alexandria

Best hotels near Abu Qir Bay

Eastern Al Montazah Hotel is one of the best 5-star Alexandria hotels. It is 6.4 km from Abi Qir Bay.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
The hotel got a good rating for the style, location, view and staff, some mentioned the inconvenience caused at the hotel.
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Helnan Palestine Hotel is one of Egypt’s best 5-star hotels in Alexandria, 6.1 km from Abi Qir Bay.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
The hotel has a very good rating for the location, view, services and staff.
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