When your eyes are located on the Beiteddine Palace, you will immediately realize why this place is one of the greatest cultural treasures and tourist places in Lebanon.
The palace is distinguished by its unique architectural design consisting mainly of mosaics in addition to the priceless historical decorations, this palace is located in the suburb of Beiteddine, which bears his name in the south of Beirut
Its construction took over 30 years during the seventeenth century and the palace when it was established was the personal home of Prince Bashir Shihab II who wanted the palace to be a place of singular beauty and legendary ingenuity.

Beiteddine Palace

The palace contains many rooms that now serve as a museum such as Prince Bashir’s room in person and his private bathroom, in addition to the rich guesthouse that was often hosting many prominent and important personalities at the time

The best things to do there

• Lovers of history and ancient antiquities, they will certainly find their place in this place. The place contains a historical and archeological dose that cannot be overlooked from personal belongings and ancient stories that are full of mystery and excitement and embody a large and very important period of the history of Lebanon.

Beiteddine Palace

• You can take a wide tour inside the Beiteddine Palace to see the rare decorations and paintings that decorate its walls and make it unique between the palaces built during this period of history

Beiteddine Palace

• Throughout the year the Beiteddine Palace hosts dozens of concerts and famous art figures. If you are a music lover, you can go to your favorite star party and enjoy the rhythms and rhythms of his music amidst the walls of this wonderful historic palace

Beiteddine Palace

• Commemorative photos are extremely important when you visit the Beiteddine Palace, be sure to take a sufficient number of them so that you can keep the memory of your visit to him forever

work hours

From Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm
Monday closed

Prices for entry tickets

Admission is free except for festivals and concerts

Hotels near Beiteddine Palace

Mir Amin Palace, one of the best 4-star hotels in Lebanon, is located only 300 meters from Beiteddine Palace
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Most of the Arab visitors gave this hotel a very good general rating with many comments praising the place quietly and the picturesque view of the hotel rooms, and other negative comments regarding the breakfast and the place’s need for maintenance
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Deir Al-Omaraa Hotel is a 3-star Lebanon hotel located 1.7 km from Beiteddine Palace
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Most of the Arab visitors gave this hotel a great overall rating with positive comments about the friendly hotel staff and their good handling
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Beiteddine Palace site

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