Lake Seragol (in Turkish: Sera Gölü) is a charming natural lake on its banks, restaurants and cafes located about 25 km from Trabzon.
It lies in the bosom of mountains covered with evergreen pastures whose streams flow from among the rocks ending in the lake. The colors in this area will make you feel comfortable and at ease.
A beautiful and large lake formed from the winter torrents, its waters mixed with the greenery of the trees that surround it from each side. Except for the animals that you will see.

The best activities on Lake Seragol

• You can take family and friends on a wonderful picnic to enjoy watching the green nature and animals and sitting under the shade of lush trees. You can also see fish swimming in the lake waters.
• There are a boat rental center on the shores of the lake, you can ride one of them and make an enjoyable tour of the lake, a nice experience that we recommend you to try.

Lake Seragol is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon, Turkey
• There are many distinctive restaurants on the shores of the lake, where you are offered distinctive seating places overlooking the lake, in addition to the delicious dishes that you provide.
• You can sit in the shade of the surrounding trees and enjoy watching the wonderful nature that has not been touched by human hands, and you can enjoy its gentle breeze.

Learn about Seragol Lake, one of the most beautiful tourist places in Trabzon, Turkey

Lake Seragul Hotels – Sagrada Familia

Villa Rose Trabzon is about 6.5 km from the lake and offers beautiful views of the sea, about 7 km away from the Hagia Sophia Museum and Ataturk Palace

Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The villa got good reviews in all respects
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The Trabzon villa was approximately 6 km from Sera Lake and offers spacious accommodation with views of the Black Sea
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The villa got very good ratings in all respects
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You can also stay in a Trabzon hotel and set aside a day of your trip to visit Sirajul Lake.

Lake Seragol location

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