Menara gardens, which are located to the west of the city of Marrakech, exactly alongside the Atlas Mountains. The gardens are considered one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Morocco
Menara Gardens was established in the 12th century, and these gardens are one of the most important tourist places in Marrakech
In the midst of the gardens there is a large artificial pond, in addition to the large lighthouse reservoir filled with water and a depth of two meters, as the water reaches it through channels from the Mediterranean Atlas Mountains.

The best activities in Marrakech Menara Gardens

• You can walk around the park and enjoy the natural scenery and fresh air, as well as take some memorial photos. You can spend a whole day in this large park.

Menara Gardens is one of the most important places of tourism in Marrakech

• You can also rent a beauty and take a tour around the garden and the pool.
• In front of the garden pool there is a unique archaeological building, you can go up and watch it and when you reach the ceiling it will give you a wonderful natural view
Where you can see the garden and the pool from a beautiful high.

Menara Gardens Marrakech is one of the most important tourism parks in Morocco

• After completing your tour in the garden, you can go to one of the cafes or restaurants nearby and get a delicious lunch accompanied by a wonderful view, or you can get some snacks and drinks.

The best hotels near Marrakech Menara Gardens

Four Seasons Resort Marrakech is a 5-star rating for one of the best hotels in Marrakech, just a 5-minute walk from the Menara Gardens.
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The hotel received excellent reviews for both location, cleanliness, comfort, staff, and services.
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The Es Saadi Marrakech Resort Palace is a 5-star rating for the best Marrakech hotels, just a 5-minute drive from the Menara Gardens.
Summary of Arab visitor ratings
The hotel got excellent reviews in all respects.
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The location of the Menara Gardens Marrakech on Google Map

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