Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, Southeast Asia, and one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Thailand, enjoying many historical monuments, ancient and modern, which enjoys wonderful architecture, in addition to many wonderful restaurants that offer various Mediterranean and Asian meals that attract tourists from all over the world.

Best Bangkok hotels

The capital city of Bangkok includes the most luxurious and beautiful hotels in Thailand. Bangkok hotels are distinguished for its diversity and ability to accommodate large numbers of visitors, whether those seeking luxury or luxury or those who are on a budget.
We have collected for you the best hotels in tried and tested Bangkok, which have many advantages, including the proximity to the vital landmarks in the city and the level of service for the price, taking into account the assessments available from Arab tourists … Read more

The best hotels in Bangkok

Best halal Bangkok restaurants

In this topic, you will find the best halal restaurants in Bangkok, including Arab restaurants in Bangkok in the Arab Street area, which offers delicious meals and dishes of various types, local, Asian, Mediterranean and Arabic.

Al Hussain Restaurant

One of the best Bangkok restaurants that serve halal food in Thailand, the restaurant is crowded with visitors and offers a varied Indian and Arabic menu that includes kebabs of lamb and chicken dishes. The restaurant features a popular dish consisting of butter and curry chicken with sauce.

Halal restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

Pawarche Indian Restaurant

This restaurant is considered one of the best halal restaurants in Bangkok that offer dishes cooked with curry spices. These dishes include fish, vegetables and meat of all kinds. The restaurant is Indian and has several branches in Bangkok.

Best halal Bangkok restaurants

Nine Ball Restaurant & Café

This restaurant offers many dishes of chicken and lamb cooked in several ways, there are tables in the restaurant in an open place to drink shisha distinctive in several flavors or to drink tea, it is considered one of the best halal restaurants in Bangkok.

Restaurants in Bangkok halal

Nefertiti Restaurant

One of the best Arabic restaurants in Bangkok, characterized by its beautiful design, which is decorated with large lamps at the entrance. This Egyptian restaurant offers a variety of dishes for vegetarians, such as chickpeas, scrambled eggplant and falafel.

Arabic restaurants in Bangkok

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