Indian cuisine is famous for its diversity of flavors and delicious dishes and has reached the limit of global thanks to the innovations and flavors that it adds on traditional dishes, Mumbai is one of the most important cities of India that contains many distinct restaurants, which we will get to know each other through this article.

Best hotels in Mumbai

Mumbai contains a group of the best hotels in India, and we have compiled for you a list of hotels in Mumbai, which is recommended near the tourist places in Mumbai .. Read more

Best hotels in Mumbai

Best Mumbai Restaurants

A group of Arab restaurants in Mumbai and Halal Mumbai restaurants that offer meals suitable for Arab and Muslim tourists in general, and from these restaurants we mention:

Sagar Restaurant & Café

One of the best restaurants in Mumbai offers a wide variety of delicacies of Indian cuisine that include meat and grills, etc., the restaurant is distinguished for its distinguished service and has a Muslim staff.
Address: Sagar Hotel, Pilase’s Street – opposite the Negada Police Department

Best Mumbai Restaurants

Shalimar Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Mumbai, this restaurant offers a variety of dishes that are famous for Indian cuisine with a group of delicious appetizers, the prices in Shalimar restaurant are medium and the service is good.
website: Here

Mumbai Restaurants

Khyber Restaurant

Khyber Restaurant is one of the finest restaurants in Mumbai and enjoys a great reputation in India, the restaurant is characterized by its luxurious service and its food made by the most skilled chefs, the restaurant received many celebrities and officials from different parts of the world due to its reputation.

website: Here

Arabic restaurants in Mumbai

Al-Baghdadi Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Mumbai that offers a varied and unique variety of food and several Indian, Chinese and Biryani kitchens, the prices in this restaurant are considered somewhat economic and appropriate and the service provided is good.

Mumbai Restaurants

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