The city of Beirut is the most important destination for tourism in Lebanon and is considered the cultural and economic center of the country, and includes many tourist sites including the Raouche area and the Al-Hamra Street and other attractions. It embraces many modern commercial complexes and has restaurants that offer the most delicious dishes from the well-known Lebanese cuisine.

Best hotels in Beirut

Beirut includes a group of the best hotels in Lebanon, and we have brought you in this tab the recommended Beirut hotels .. Read more

Beirut hotels

Best Beirut restaurants

In this article, we show you a group of the best recommended and tried Beirut restaurants

Uttar Beirut Restaurant

Uttar Beirut Restaurant is one of the best luxury Beirut restaurants and it is one of several branches in Lebanon. The restaurant is located in the center of Beirut near the port and is famous for serving traditional Lebanese dishes alongside Western food.
The restaurant has dance shows and spirits so it may not be suitable for conservative families
work hours:
01:00 PM – 03:20 AM
website: Here

Uttar Beirut Restaurant

Al Tayeb Market Table Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Beirut. It belongs to the Souk Al-Tayeb and offers a wide variety of traditional Lebanese cuisine prepared from fresh vegetables and natural ingredients.
The restaurant is characterized by its reasonable prices, good service and excellent hygiene
work hours:
01:00 PM – 04:00 PM

Popular Beirut restaurants

Berber Restaurant

It is one of the best popular Beirut restaurants, characterized by its fast service and distinctive atmosphere. It is located in Hamra Beirut and offers a variety of traditional Lebanese dishes in addition to fast food. It also offers shisha

Beirut Raoucheh Restaurants

Dibibo Restaurant

One of Beirut’s best restaurants on the sea offers a wide variety of dishes, including all kinds of fish, steak and grill, as well as cold and hot Lebanese appetizers, drinks and sweets
It is one of Beirut Raouche restaurants, distinguished in terms of sessions, service and food
work hours:
08:00 am – 02:00 am
website: Here

Beirut Al Bahr Restaurants

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