Tourism in Tbilisi is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Georgia. It is considered a historical shopping bridge accompanied by urban expansion and its art.
Shopping in Tbilisi has a distinctive character as it enjoys many shopping places, including traditional and popular, which includes handicrafts and craftsmanship, and not without modern industries, including what is modern and represented by commercial complexes.

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Tbilisi hotels

Tbilisi includes the best hotels in Georgia. Find out in the article the best hotels in Tbilisi near the tourist attractions in Tbilisi and the places of shopping and entertainment .. Read more

Best Tbilisi hotels

The best shopping in Tbilisi

We will introduce you to the most famous markets of Tbilisi, which are:

Tbilisi Mall

The best shopping centers in Tbilisi, it gives the visitor room to shop and entertain together, and you can enjoy coffee on the ground floor, as well as see the huge Carrefour store and buy all the daily needs of snacks, fruit and vegetables.
It is a center equipped with the highest modern technologies, such as the IMAX screen technology, and it features a large square where children can play and play as they please.
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Tbilisi malls

East Bonnet

It is one of the largest and most famous malls in Tbilisi, which includes the most famous brands such as Bruska and others, and there are many cafes you can choose between and recreational places that span an area of ​​24 hectares.

East Bonnet (Tbilisi Mall) is one of the most famous shopping centers in Tbilisi

The flea market

It is the most famous among the shopping places in Tbilisi, this market is located in old Tbilisi, near the dry bridge, 20 minutes walk from Freedom Square.
The first thing that could catch your eye there is old traditional jewelry, silver knives decorated with decorations, some dark-colored pictures and pieces of ornaments made of silver metal.
You will go long with its narrow paths without feeling the time, and you will have fun times learning about every part of this market because you can get a few dollars in so many special things.

The flea market is one of the most popular shopping spots in Tbilisi

Bazaar Square

One of the most beautiful markets of Tbilisi, it is one of the oldest bazaar stores in the Caucasus region, and a place characterized by its antiques and wonderful souvenirs and traditional handcrafted Georgian crafts.

Bazaar Square is one of the most beautiful markets of Tbilisi

Rustaveli Street

It is located in the heart of the shopping places in Tbilisi, where there are many inexpensive handicrafts and ancient pots, some of which are made of clay and some glass and mirrors decorated strikingly.
We recommend you to visit him to get great souvenirs that you will never find anywhere in the world.

Rustaveli Street is located in the heart of Tbilisi's shopping venues

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