Barcelona is the second largest and oldest Spanish city thanks to its history that extends back to the Romen era and specifically to the 15th century BC. Throughout its long history, the city witnessed a series of fluctuations that clearly affected its cultural mixture, as reflected in its streets and attractions.
During the article, we will discuss with you more about the most famous street in Barcelona, ​​the most important features of tourist attraction in it and its impact on Barcelona and also on tourism in Spain in general.

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Best Barcelona hotels

In addition to Barcelona’s tourist attractions, the charming Spanish city owns a group of hotels that are the best in Spain as a whole, as Barcelona hotels enjoy a privileged location on the sea coast or panoramic views of Barcelona’s most famous and beautiful streets .. Read more

    The most famous street in Barcelona

Larambla Street

It is the most famous street in Barcelona at all, it is its vibrant heart, as it is really located in the center of the city that mediates the province of Catalonia. Immersed.
In addition to local restaurants, international fast food restaurants, closed and open-air cafes and upscale hotels, the street offers the opportunity to rent, ride and ride bikes to enjoy its beauty.

The most famous streets of Barcelona

Pasig de Gracia Street

It is one of the most famous and beautiful streets in Barcelona, ​​so that it was dubbed the Champs-Elysées of Spain, just like the original Champs-Elysées Paris.

The most beautiful street in Barcelona

Carrier Petrexol Street

It is a famous and antique street of the Spanish streets of Barcelona, ​​with the identification of the most ancient streets of the city dating back 5 centuries and characterized by its Gothic style.

The most beautiful streets of Barcelona

Passeig del Born Street

The most famous street in Barcelona for the gathering of bohemian art professionals, and one of the most ancient streets thanks to its long history and its great role in changing and moving the economic and social map of the city in the old. The street is located in the famous neighborhood of El Born and even represents its main axis.

    The most famous street in Barcelona

Carre de Anric Granados Street

The long street of Barcelona’s old university building stretches to the center of Eixample District, which is not the most famous street in Barcelona for tourists, making it an ideal destination for a quiet tour away from the city’s usual hustle and bustle.

The most beautiful streets of Barcelona in Spain

Carrer del Pesp Street

It is well known in the city as Bishop Street thanks to its location from Barcelona’s Gothic Cathedral, as a point of connection between the edifices of the Casa del Dells Cananges and Palau de la Catalunya via what is known as the Bishop Bridge.

    The most famous street in Barcelona

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