Yıldız Sarayı Palace (Turkish: Yıldız Sarayı) is one of the most famous palaces of Turkey in general and one of the most important palaces in Istanbul in particular. It was built in Besiktas Istanbul and consists of a large number of wings and rooms and is one of the most important landmarks of Istanbul.
The palace was built in the period between the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, where it was the seat of Sultan Abdul Hamid II and a place to host senior guests. The palace remained as the main headquarters of the Ottoman government instead of Dolma Palace in joy because of its capacity and the beauty of its construction and its location where the palace was expanded twice, one in 1890 AD and expansion The second was in 1898 AD.
Below we address the most important activities inside and outside this palace, which is one of the best tourist attractions in Istanbul in addition to the nearest places of residence.

The best activities when visiting Yildiz Palace Istanbul

• First you can wander around the surrounding of the palace and explore its distinctive exterior design and take some memorial photos of it as Yildiz Garden is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens of Istanbul ever.

Yildiz Palace

• You can walk around or enjoy sitting for a while in the picturesque garden of Yildiz Palace in Istanbul, which surrounds the palace, as it contains a number of special and characteristic gardens in addition to stables for raising horses and lakes surrounded by greenery from each side.

Yildiz Palace Istanbul

• Then you should go to see the rooms and suites of Yildiz Palace in Istanbul from the inside, including what is specific to the ruling authority, which includes the Sultan and princes and princesses and others in addition to rooms dedicated to servants.

Yildiz Palace Istanbul

• You can see how the interior of the palace took a great deal of attention in its design, noting the beauty and luxury of the dining and reception halls. The ceiling of the hall was decorated with golden panels, not to mention the European-style floors.

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul from the inside

• With regard to furnishings, you can see how the bedroom / dining furniture and reception are distinguished by mixing European furniture with the ancient Turkish furniture decorated with small shells.

Yildiz Palace in Istanbul from the inside

• The palace as a whole is a wonderful masterpiece from the outside to the inside and its location inside Yildiz Park, all of which makes it a place to attract tourists with abundance and a wonderful background to capture the most beautiful photographs, so we recommend his visits.

Yildiz Palace Istanbul

• After completing your tour of the palace completely, you can complete your tour in one of the important city attractions near the museum, such as the Ortakoy Mosque, the Hamidiye Mosque Yildiz, Yildiz Istanbul Park and Besiktas Bazaar

Yildiz Palace Istanbul

Visit times

(Summer term) From 9:00 AM to 19:00 PM Istanbul time.
(Winter season) from 9:00 am until 17:00 pm Istanbul time.

Prices of entry cards

10 Turkish lira per person.

Hotels near Yildiz Palace

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Four Seasons Istanbul Bosphorus is one of the best hotels overlooking the Bosphorus, 5 stars away from the palace 1.2 km.

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Yildiz Palace site

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