Lake Mariout Alexandria is one of the most beautiful lakes of the bride of the Mediterranean. The lake is located in the south of Alexandria and its area is between 50 to 60 square kilometers, although its area was previously 200 square kilometers.
It is worth noting that Lake Mariout used to feed the Nile River in the past from the southern side and it was a shipping route for ships, and it is now considered one of the most important tourist places in Egypt.

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The best activities you can do in Lake Mariout Alexandria

• Your visit to Lake Mariout will be an opportunity to relax and enjoy the wonderful view of the waters and the picturesque atmosphere, as well as watching the scattered forests in the lake that increase its beauty.

Lake Mariout in Alexandria

After relaxing a little, you can take a tour of the lake by boat to see the different types of birds found in the lake’s forests, among which are some migratory and rare birds due to the geographical and environmental diversity of the lake.

Lake Mariout, Alexandria

• While you are touring the boat, you can practice one of the most common activities in Lake Mariout which is fishing especially the indigo fish famous in the lake, and the difference in this lake is that you can extract salt from it.

Lake Mariout in Alexandria

• If you do not want to take a boat and take a stroll in the lake, you can practice your favorite hobby while sitting on its banks at sunset or early in the morning.

Lake Mariout, Alexandria

• You can also sit in the benches on the shores of Lake Mariout and have a delicious homemade meal, which you should not bring with you to complete the fun of you and the family.

Lake Mariout, Alexandria

• You can take some memorial photos of the boat berth in the lake at sunset, for a great view!

Lake Mariout, Alexandria

• Children also have a share when visiting Lake Mariout, as there are few swings and simple games, they can spend their day in fun alongside the pleasant atmosphere.

Lake Mariout, Alexandria

Best hotels near Lake Mariout

Alexander the Great Hotel 4 stars is one of the best hotels in Alexandria. It is 4.9 km from Lake Mariout Alexandria.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
The hotel got a good evaluation of the cleanliness, comfort, staff and value for money, some mentioned the problem of the inappropriate hotel location.
Hotel reservation
Sherry Mercy Hotel 4 stars, one of the best hotels in Egypt, Alexandria, just 5.3 km from Lake Mariout.
Reviews of Arab visitors at this hotel
The hotel was rated good for cleanliness, comfort, location and facilities, biting mentioning that there were problems with the organization.
Hotel reservation

Lake Mariout location on the map

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