Corniche Beach is one of the largest and best beaches of Abu Dhabi with a blue flag with an extension of up to 8 kilometers on the coast of the Persian Gulf
Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach is characterized by its wonderful location and its complete leisure and entertaining service facilities ideal to satisfy and serve all local visitors as well as Arab and foreign tourists arriving during tourism trips in Abu Dhabi with its three sections that guarantee freedom, fun and vitality for youth and groups of friends, privacy, comfort and safety for families, and mixing with the public who may not It worries them a lot.
The following article reviews a series of the most important activities offered by the Capital Corniche beach for its visitors, both individuals and families, as well as the best hotels in Abu Dhabi nearby.

The best things to do on the Abu Dhabi Corniche beach

• Take a family tour and picnic on the wonderful Corniche promenade, where you can enjoy the blueness of the water and its harmony with the purity of the sky and the surrounding greenery that gives the place an indescribable elegance.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

• Enjoy various fun beach games such as jet skiing, jogging, volleyball, and cycling.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

• Your young children can also have fun and play in the gardens surrounding the Corniche, or in their play area on the seashore of pure golden sand, while keeping the two clean and beautiful.

Corniche beach in Abu Dhabi

• You can also take a fun cruise using the boat or yacht to the Pearl Island facing the Corniche Beach in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach

• You can swim with your young children in the clear blue waters of the Corniche Abu Dhabi Corniche, or give them self-practical and self-paced training courses in seawater swimming.

    Abu Dhabi Corniche

• You can also have fun and entertain yourself by playing fun water games such as surfing, snorkeling and diving.

Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach

• It extends along the Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach, a series of fresh and distinctive seafood restaurants, in addition to traditional Arabic cuisine and Asian dishes, where you can order all your delicious and saturated dishes.

Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach

• After eating the excellent food provided by the Corniche Beach restaurants in Abu Dhabi, you can have authentic Arabic coffee or whatever you like soft drinks and ice cream through the luxurious cafes spread along the beach as well.

Corniche beach in Abu Dhabi

Beach entry rates

$ 7.2 in the section for families and individuals.
As for the general section, admission is free.

The best hotels near Abu Dhabi Corniche beach

Southern Sun Hotel Abu Dhabi is one of the best hotels in the Emirates and is 5.1 km from Abu Dhabi Corniche.

Reviews of some Arab visitors

The hotel got great reviews about cleanliness, facilities, staff, location.
Hotel reservation
The Ramada Abu Dhabi Corniche is one of the best hotels in Abu Dhabi, and it is 6.0 km from the beach.

Reviews of some Arab visitors

The hotel is rated very good in terms of cleanliness, staff, location, facilities.
Hotel reservation

Corniche beach site in Abu Dhabi

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