The Royal Jewelry Museum, a museum that displays the jewelry of the royal families who ruled Egypt, and is located in Alexandria.
The palace was built in 1919 in the Zezenia region and is considered a unique architectural masterpiece, and one of the best places of tourism in Egypt
It covers an area of ​​4185 square meters and was devoted to Princess Fatima Al-Zahra, one of the princesses of the royal family, which made him one of the most important ancient Alexandria museums.
It was designed according to the style of European buildings in the nineteenth century and from the inside the palace was decorated with distinctive artistic units as it is considered one of the most important tourist places in Alexandria

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The best activities in the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

• You can see the palace halls, which were divided into ten halls, and includes collections of antiques and jewelry belonging to the members of the family of Muhammad Ali, among them a box of enameled gold with the name Muhammad Ali written on it.
• You can see the Prince Tawfiq collection, which includes 12 envelopes, which includes cups of platinum and gold and a wallet of gold inlaid with diamonds in addition to a pocket watch for the Ottoman Sultans.

Alexandria Royal Jewelry Museum

• You can watch medals and necklaces from the era of Khedive Saeed Pasha, with a set of scarves and golden watches, and about four thousand different archaeological coins.
• You can watch King Fouad’s collection of antiques and jewelry, including a gold-encrusted diamond handle, gold medals, two portraits of his image, and a crown of platinum inlaid with diamonds and pearls for his wife, Shoykar.

Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

• You can watch a collection of antiques and jewelry of King Farouk and his wife, Queen Nazli, the most important of which are a colored camouflaged gold chess set with diamonds and a golden tray bearing the signature of 110 pashas, ​​a marshalite stick of ebony and gold, and a plate of garnet gifted from the Tsar of Russia.
• You can see the Queen Nariman collection of the most important parts of it: medals, necklaces and commemorative medals. Two rulers and a piece of gold were used to lay the foundation stone for the projects.
Princess Fawzia Ahmed Fouad and Fayza Ahmed Fouad groups
A set of bracelets and diamonds consisting of platinum inlaid with diamonds, which have the name Fawzia. In addition to a gold necklace set with diamonds and decorated with pearls.

Jewelry Palace in Alexandria

Princess Samiha and Qadriya Hussein Kamel collection: a set of pocket watches made of brilliant diamonds, flamenco, and a gold bracelet set with brillant diamonds, flamenco and pearls.
• You can see the collection of Queen Safinaz, the wife of King Farouk, including the crown of the queen of platinum, set with diamonds, brillant, a tocke of diamonds, and gold and platinum bracelets inlaid with diamonds and flamenco.
• You can see other collections of jewelry that the museum dealt with in an interesting style and used lighting that relies on direct light directing of the pieces on display.
Without affecting or affecting the viewer, it has provided display cabinets with explanatory cards in Arabic and English.

The dates of visiting the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

The museum is available for visiting from Sunday to Friday from 9:00 AM until 16:00 PM.
Saturday is closed.
The price of the entry card for tourists is 10 pounds and may vary with the different tourist season.

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Site of the Royal Jewelry Museum in Alexandria

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