The city of Bizerte is the jewel of the coastal Tunisia, and its bright capital, that vast green state that touches the blue of the sea water, paving between the plains and the scattered forests around it, beside the national park with imaginative views of mountains covered with plants and a huge unique lake, while its wonderful beaches are characterized by smooth sand White, crystal water.
It also has amazing historical sites between mosques, forts, and castles of a special nature, and that shimmering ancient city that takes you to the era of its construction, and blessed with the charming view of the ancient port with fishing boats scattered on its platforms, so all history combined with the amazing nature to make it one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Tunisia worth exploring.

Best hotels of Bizerte

Bizerte owns a large group of hotels, which provide the most beautiful views of the charming city landmarks, and also offers its guests the finest accommodations equipped with the latest facilities, and the best services, and below we will display a list of the best hotels in Bizerte, according to the reviews and opinions of Arab visitors .. Read more

Bizerte Tourist

The National Park in shape

The National Park is one of the most beautiful landmarks of tourism in Bizerte, it is one of the nature reserves in Tunisia, and it has been included in the list of sites of international natural and cultural heritage by UNESCO, this park includes 600 species of plants, and 200 thousand water birds that wrap around the lake In great view.
The lake represents the mouth of six main types of fresh water, and it has a unique characteristic. In the summer it is a salt lake. In winter, it becomes a fresh lake. The lake is home to numbers of endangered water animals, as well as rare flowers. The garden also includes the ecological museum on a high plateau.

Bizerte tourist city

The old city of Bizerte

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Bizerte, and it is a wonderful noisy center for traditional handicrafts. This city wraps around the scenic old port, and is characterized by a maze of narrow winding streets of a special nature.
The covered markets include workshops for forming metals, carpenters’ work, and butchers. These streets are named after the craftsmen who reside and work in this special city, so you find the carpenters market, the blacksmith market, and many others.

Tourism in Bizerte

Kasbah area

The most important tourist area in Bizerte, the Kasbah region is located on the northern bank of the old port of View, and this region includes the huge fortress of the Kasbah fortified with its eight towers with four distinctive domes, and was built ancient for the purpose of protecting the country from aggression, and now it is a unique tourist attraction that allows visitors to wander in Its corridors, which include a circular lane configured at the top of the two walls, provide panoramic views of the city and the port.
The Kasbah also contains the archeological mosque of Hanifa, as well as the Byzantine fortress, and in front of the walls of the Kasasbeh, the smaller fortress of Sidi Al Hani is located.

Tourist areas in Bizerte

The old port

The ancient port is the beating heart of the tourist city of Bizerte, with a scenery taking a thousand meters or more, and it offers a stunning mixture between the blueness of water and the beauty of the history teeming with the surrounding area. This port is one of the most beautiful basins in the Mediterranean Sea due to its distinctive strategic location. Somewhat italyn city of Venice.
It is also the most important historical landmark within the tourist attractions of Bizerte, and on the sidewalks of the old marina is the central area, where the Great Mosque Mosque, the corner of Sidi Al-Mestari and Sidi Ahmed Al-Tijani, and the path of Ain al-Jarina, is located next to the Great Bath and Hammam Al-Shati, which increases the richness and importance of this port.

Tourist places in Bizerte

The Quarter Mosque

The Quarter Mosque is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Bizerte, and it is located in the most vital places between the markets of the old city and the old port, and dates back to the 17th century AD, possesses an architectural design in the Ottoman style with a magnificent eight-cornered minaret, so you cannot miss this ancient mosque and enjoy all Surrounded by interesting markets and landmarks, and you can take memorial photos during your tour.

The city of Bizerte

Nador region

One of the most beautiful places of tourism in Bizerte, which provides the finest views between the high mountains covered with greenery, and dense forests, with slopes and rough roads, and the sea extends in front of it in a scene of great beauty and splendor, this region offers many enjoyable activities such as climbing, hiking Enjoying the sea, immerse your soul in the picturesque nature and unleash it in one of the most beautiful spots in the city of Bizerte

The Tunisian city of Bizerte

Spanish fort

The Spanish fort is one of the best tourist attractions in Bizerte, which is located on a hill in the northeast of the Kasbah, and it is the remains of a huge ancient fort surrounded by an ancient cemetery, and the goal of its construction was to protect from the Spanish attack, and it was the seat of the Turkish rule in Tunisia, which settled in it, and through Its balconies get a panoramic view of the city’s rich landmarks with everyone who is stunning, such as the modern industrial harbor, the old port, and a number of tourist areas in Bizerte

Tourism in the city of Bizerte

The Bizerte Corniche

The most recreational place in the Tunisian city of Bizerte, which is a series of long sandy beaches, surrounded by restaurants, hotels, and elegant villas. If you are looking for a quieter sandy patch, head south, the beaches of Raml, Ras al-Jabal, Raph Raf, and Sidi Al Makki is among the most beautiful coast beaches in the region, so you can do enjoyable activities such as water sports, swimming, and enjoy walking on the soft sand, in the most beautiful places of tourism in Bizerte

Tourism in Bizerte

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