Alharam Plaza Riyadh Alharam Plaza Riyadh is one of the largest malls in Riyadh, which includes many clothing stores for females and males of all ages, and exclusive retail stores for various fashion houses and the most famous international brands. A shopping experience in which prices and quality are consistent.
The mall is one of several tourist places in Riyadh for families for the purpose of shopping, and one of the most important tourist places in Saudi Arabia within the ancient city of Riyadh. Al-Haram Plaza branches in Riyadh have been established in several locations for easy access.

Al-Haram Plaza in Riyadh

Activities you can do

• You can start touring with your family around Al Haram Plaza in Riyadh to learn about the goods that it provides, and to define your shopping tour plan.
• Then start shopping in the clothing section, which includes all that you and your wife may need, from several Arab and international brands.
• Do not forget to pass through the distinguished children’s section, which is the largest in the market, and provides everything you need for your little ones from birth.

Al-Haram Plaza in Riyadh

• Al-Haram Plaza in Riyadh includes a section for children’s games, where your children will have a good time choosing what they want to own.
• Women who visit Al-Haram Plaza in Riyadh must pass through the accessories and cosmetic shops, as well as perfume shops.
• There are many stores in the mall that sell high-quality women’s and men’s shoes and bags, from which you can shop at competitive prices.

Al-Haram Plaza branches in Riyadh

• You can also enjoy a tour of the Home Supplies section, which provides several types of bedspreads, cotton items, and other commodities.
• Then you can complete your shopping tour and have a delicious meal at Khurais Mall, Riyadh, which is about 8 km from Al Haram Plaza.
• You can also visit the amazing world of beauty, the city of snow in Riyadh and other places, which is a 30-minute drive from the market.

Haram Plaza site in Riyadh

Opening times at Al Haram Plaza Riyadh

Daily in two periods, morning from 8:30 until 11:40 am, and evening from 3:30 pm until 12 midnight.
The mall receives its visitors only on Friday evening.

Hotels near Al Haram Plaza in Riyadh

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Riyadh is an important five-star hotel in Riyadh, 20.7 kilometers from Al Haram Plaza in Riyadh.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel was rated good in terms of staff cooperation, quality and variety of foods, room size, facilities and services it provides.
Hotel reservation
Intercity Hotel Riyadh is a 4-star hotel in Riyadh, located 15 km from Al Haram Plaza in Riyadh.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The hotel has achieved great reviews in all aspects, especially in terms of the level of general hygiene, for the staff package, location and views, and the comfort of the rooms.
Hotel reservation

Al-Haram Plaza location in Riyadh on Google map

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