Sant’Antonio Istanbul Church is the largest Catholic Church in Istanbul, it is located in Beyoglu, Istiklal Street, which is bustling with movement and vitality, and from the first sight of your entry into this wonderful church you will be dazzled by the unique architectural designs that have made every corner a rare masterpiece, so allocate Visit as part of your plan for tourism in Istanbul.

This church was built during the period from (1906 AD to 1912 AD) and its architectural design was based on the Gothic styles entrusted to modernity in that period of Venice, and it is now one of the most famous tourist attractions in Istanbul that enjoys a huge number of tourists, especially in Christmas. .

Things to do in Istanbul’s Sant Antoni Church

• If you pass on Istiklal Street, it will be a great opportunity for you to have a quick visit to St. Antoine Istanbul Church.

Once you cross the gate of this church, which represents an important landmark of the Catholic heritage, you will feel an inner peace and tranquility about the magnificence and sanctity of the place.

St. Antoine Istanbul Church on Istiklal Street

• In the courtyard, you will find the huge church building, decorated with antique heritage features, between two buildings similar to the architectural design that point to the ancient Christian heritage.

You can see the history of the Church of St. Antonio Istanbul and the details of its establishment.

In addition to its most prominent achievements through some publications and illustrative pictures that exist in the square to introduce visitors to the church.

Sant'Antonio Istanbul building

• Then wander around and enjoy watching the Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, modeled with great precision, so that you can be dazzled by its splendor, that you almost feel like it is real.

On the opposite side there is an anthropomorphic indicating the personality of a cleric who had a powerful influence and was a role model.

An embodiment of a religious figure in the Church of Saint Antoine Istanbul

• After entering the Church of Sant’Antonio Istanbul, you will see in every corner where your eyes are located, artistic touches and distinctive architectural designs.

In poles colored in warm colors and walls inlaid with gold and silver.

There are also religious pictures everywhere and various Christian drawings.

The splendor of architectural designs in Istanbul's Sant Antoni Church

• You will be very lucky if you visit the church during Christmas, to see the church in its best pictures, decorated with Christmas decorations, and colorful lights everywhere.

Besides the very large Christmas tree, the seating chairs are also beautifully decorated.

Beautiful Christmas decorations in St. Antoine Istanbul Church

• Do not forget to take pictures everywhere in the Church of St. Antonio Istanbul, especially in front of the small figures that simulate ancient Christian life.

Which has been put across the place to introduce the essence of the Christian religion.

Religious figures decorated in the church

Entry prices

Admission is free for all ages.


Open all week long from 8:00 AM until 7:30 PM.

Tuesday is the most crowded and worshiping day.

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Sant Antoniu Istanbul website

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