Equip surfing equipment and get ready to set off to the best and most beautiful beaches in the world, whether you are among the professional surfing, or you are a beginner looking for calm beaches, you will definitely find here what will suit you.

1- Suburban, Gold Coast, Australia

Holiday -May_Australia_Superbank_Gold-Coast_Australia_shore_209281003_1000x750Superbank beach on the Australian Gold Coast topped the list of the best beaches for surfing, where many tourists and fans of this sport flock to it and to Australia in general, where it has some of the most beautiful beaches of the world, and more appropriate for water sports.
Good time to visit: All year round

2- Taghazout, Morocco

Holiday -May_Morocco_Taghazout -Morocco_41679661_1000 x 750
The Moroccan coastal village of Taghazout overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, which is a small fishing village surrounded by desert on all sides, but it is of world wide popularity, and it is visited by large numbers of surfing practitioners.
The beaches here are distinguished by its high waves and wonderful atmosphere, which has increased the reputation of Morocco, already very large, as a distinctive tourist destination.
Good time to visit: All year round

3- San Sebastian, Spain

Holiday-me_Spain_San-Sebastian-Spain_shore_126481607_1000 x 750San Sebastian is more than just a beautiful beach city, with a cultural heritage that ranks among the oldest in the European continent. It is also an important center for the film, music and arts industry, as well as a destination for surfing enthusiasts, amidst great landscapes and bright sun, and many fine restaurants and arts and culture centers.
Good time to visit: From June to November. Do not miss the opportunity to attend the Amstel Surfilm Film Festival.

4- Nosara, Costa Rica

Holiday-me_city_city_region_nosara-costa rica_shore_93669637_1000x750It’s hard to find such a unique location, with the high Pacific waves, and the serene life of Nosara anywhere in the world. Surprisingly, many of the city’s inhabitants live for the hundred years, and there are many legends around it. The surf here is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.
Good time to visit: Throughout the year (the waves are not very high from December to April)

5- Biarritz, France

Holiday-Me_France_Barritz-France_shore_46085218_1000 x 750Have you ever dreamed of visiting a beach characterized by the Parisian atmosphere? The French beach of Biarritz is the place to achieve this dream, and it is also an ideal place for surfing, and is one of the best beaches in Europe. Surfing is thought to have originated in Europe on these beaches.
Good time to visit: From September to November

6- Hanalei Beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Holiday-Hawaii-United-States-Hawaii-beach-Hanalei-Kauai-Hawaii_ beach_368026571_1000x750If you ask surfing enthusiasts about the best beaches ever to practice this sport, the views of many will agree on the beach of Hanalei in Hawaii, who consider it an ideal destination, which features a tourist atmosphere and charming landscapes, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of this island.
Good time to visit: From October to March

7- Encinitas, California

Holiday-Mi_California_America -American_Incentitas-California_shore_400639762_1000 x 750The beach of Encinitas in California is characterized by its pure air and wonderful atmosphere, in which it has filmed many films. Besides the many attractions in the Southern California Valley that make the beach unique, there are many surfing options and family-friendly activities.
Good time to visit: All year round

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