Here are the best entertainment places for children in Switzerland, which is considered a small town, but half of it is a stunning “Swiss Alps”. When you go on a visit to this town, you will see that the children there speak three different languages ​​and they are: (French, German , And italyn). Switzerland’s most famous city lies on the sparkling turquoise lakes, and the villages are on steep slopes.

Best fun places for children in Switzerland:

1. Basel Zoo

This park was opened in 1874 AD, and that makes it the oldest zoo in Switzerland, in addition to being one of the well-known monuments in this town. This park is home to about 600 species of animals and birds, and that includes: (gorillas, penguins, parrots, giraffes Snow tigers and spider monkeys) Visitors enjoy walking there especially in the summer, as the garden is really beautiful in this season. This zoo is currently building a huge marine basin, which is scheduled to open in 2020 .The best children's entertainment in Switzerland ... A unique and enjoyable experienceBasel Zoo Read also: Enjoyable Interlaken tour …

2. Basler Marionette puppet theater

This place is the famous puppet theater in “Basel”, and a theater for adults and children. There are performances directed to children in the afternoon, and many tales for adults during the evening. There are many different styles and types of shows, a large group of personalities that These offers, as well as hand puppets, and stringed creations through the dolls attached to the strings. There are many internationally known tales such as: (Pinocchio), in addition to many Swiss, German, and international stories. It has been shown that the dolls are not only For children, as it is used there in the adult show program, through stories It is presented to them as: (Dr. Faustus) who is presented in the presentation of threaded dolls. Basler Marionette puppet theaterBasler Marionette puppet theater

3. Aathal Dinosaur Museum

This museum is the largest museum of its kind in Switzerland, and is owned and funded by a Swiss paleontologist. This museum is characterized by the presence of (fossils, skeletons, models of dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, and displays). There are a lot of educational tools (most of them In German) about excavation methods, how to discover a fossil, how dinosaurs lived, and why they died, as well as a section on dinosaurs in Switzerland. This museum may sound a little scary for young children, but it is worth a visit by children at the age of (4 years and Above).Dinosaur museum - aathal dinosaur museumAathal Dinosaur Museum Read also: Places to visit in Europe in winter

4. Public swimming pool – Freibad Allenmoos

This place is one of the best recreational places for children in Switzerland, where you will find three separate swimming pools surrounded by open space covered with grass, which are ideal for sunbathing and picnics in the summer. There is a large swimming pool with 72 m of water sled, A swimming pool for young children, and a pool for skilled swimmers with a diving area and a bounce pad with a height of 1,3 m, in addition to that there are beach volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, and a barbecue area, and hot and cold food, ice cream, and also available Drinks, in the cafe and kiosk there.Public swimming pool - Freibad Allenmoos
Public swimming pool – Freibad Allenmoos

5. Swimming pool in Lugano – Lido di Lugano

This large swimming center is located in the city of “Lugano”, and it includes (an Olympic-size swimming pool, a diving pool, and a children’s water play area), in addition to that there is a large sandy beach, beach volleyball courts, a football table, a service restaurant Self-catering, outdoor cinema for summer nights.Swimming pool in Lugano - Lido di LuganoSwimming pool in Lugano – Lido di Lugano

6. Zoo Zurich

This park is full of everything related to wildlife in Madagascar, but do not worry, there are no predators, so you can wander inside the park and climb to the viewing platform in safety. You can find “Elephant Park” in the eastern region of this park, It is home to Asian elephants in addition to 10 other types, and there is also a kiosk serving Thai food, and delicious snacks that you can eat while watching elephants.Zoo ZurichZoo Zurich

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