Hong Kong is one of the most important tourist cities, but it is not a cheap destination for many tourists, and travel lovers. But planning, and taking advantage of the beauty of the city you can; enjoy a multi-cultural atmosphere without spending money, due to the availability of a large number of free and cheap activities That you can enjoy in Hong Kong.

The best free activities in Hong Kong

Museums and art galleries

One of the best free activities in Hong Kong is the museums and galleries. You will find many museums and art galleries wherever you go in the city. Seven Hong Kong museums are open for visitors on Wednesday for free. They include the Art Museum, the History Museum, the Science Museum, the Space Museum, and the Museum Coastal Defense, Heritage Museum, and Dr. Sun Yan Sun Museum. This is in addition to the Hong Kong Railway Museum, which can be visited whenever you want without the need for entry fees.

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Music concerts at Wan Chi

Concerts held at Wan Chi; from the free activities in Hong Kong. Including an exciting mixture of various classic jazz music, to Indian music. The creative party organizer, Kong Xi Cheng, organizes these wonderful concerts. On the third Saturday; every month in Half past five o'clock until eight o'clock in the evening outside the Arts Center. The second Thursday of every month; from seven in the evening until nine in the evening outside the blue house. And the last Saturday of each month; from three o'clock in the four o'clock in the evening at Comics Home Base.

Enjoy the view of the harbor

During the evening, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Hong Kong Harbor, from the forty-third floor of the Chinese Bank Building. You can also join photography enthusiasts from all over the world on the surface of the port in Tsim Sha Tsui. .

Strolling the city streets

You can enjoy the beauty, mixing of civilizations, and cultures that fills the streets of Hong Kong. You can also stroll around one of the most luxurious and finest landmarks in the city; The Peninsula Hotel. The hotel is very popular because of its walls and gold-plated roads.

Go to the market

The Hong Kong market includes countless types and shapes at different prices. You can buy everything you want at great prices compared to quality. Therefore, it is one of the most important free activities in Hong Kong.

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Seventy percent of Hong Kong's land area is overlooking the coast. You can enjoy the spectacular sea view, high waves beside hills, and parks. You can enjoy beach water, ride one of these waves; which attracts everyone who sees it. Enjoy the flow of adrenaline and adventure.

Places of worship

The most important feature of the city is its places of worship. And it includes a huge number of them. Where you find them wherever you go, there are hundreds of temples and monasteries beside some churches and mosques. You can learn about different cultures, and civilizations through them. Besides distinct architecture, and interesting history. You can also enjoy calm, comfort and tranquility amid the crowd of that city taking .

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