During your visit to Paris, you will consider visiting an oriental restaurant.
You will find yourself searching for one of the meals that you are accustomed to in your home country.
And if you want to eat a meal of meat, you will definitely search for one of the restaurants that are slaughtered in the Islamic way.
In Paris, most of these restaurants are Arab restaurants.
Arab Travelers website offers the most famous Paris halal restaurants, their locations and prices.

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Best Halal Paris restaurants, 6 most famous Arabic restaurants:

1- Lebanese table restaurant La table Libanaise: This restaurant is located in the fifteenth district (Car Montparnasse Porte de Versailles).
It offers various meals of meat, fish, and sweets, in addition to serving hot and cold appetizers.
Lunch is served from eleven in the morning, while dinner is until late at night.
The restaurant is open seven days a day, day and night.
Prices for dishes start from 15 euros.
You can go to it by metro 8 and get off at Boucicaut station. 2- Le riad restaurant:
Moroccan restaurant, located in Paris Opera.
It offers varied and delicious meals, the most famous of which is couscous with vegetables, and poultry dishes.
The cost of the dishes starts from 20 € per meal.
You can go to it via Metro Line 9 and get off at the sentier Sonneti Station.
3- La Casa Restaurant:

The restaurant is located in the first district (Lovere Place Vendome).
The restaurant specializes in Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian cuisine.
You can choose which meals to eat, while playing quiet music.
The hotel provides places for families.
Meals start from 20 euros. To reach the restaurant, you can take bus 7 or 14 and get off at Châtelet Station.

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4- Palmiers Du Sinai restaurant Authentic oriental restaurant, and the best halal Paris restaurants.
It is located in the first district (Lovere Place Vendome).
It serves the most delicious Egyptian dishes, including falafel, eggplant, meat and Moroccan dishes.
You can order mint tea after a meal.
Prices start from € 15, and you can reach the restaurant by taking the metro 8 to Bonne Nouvelle Station 5. Le Shanou
An authentic Algerian restaurant, located in the 15th district (Car Montparnasse Porte de Versailles).
It offers delicious meals for Algerian cuisine, in addition to traditional couscous and Maghrebi dishes.
On Friday and Saturday, she can go to evenings for dancing.
The cost of the dishes starts from 7 euros. You can reach the place by taking the metro and then you go to the Lormel station.

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6- Saïdoune restaurant:If you want to eat Arabic dishes in one of the delicious Halal restaurants in Paris, you must restaurant Saadoun.
It is located in the fifth district (Latin Quarter Pantheon) near the Paris Grand Mosque.
Originally, it is a Lebanese restaurant, offering delicious and varied flavors, whether Arabic or Lebanese.
Meals start from 7 euros, and you can head to it by taking the metro 2 and getting off at Villiers Station

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