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The best areas for honeymoon

There are a lot of picturesque and charming places in the world, which are suitable for spending a couple honeymoon with each other, and these places enjoy the presence of beautiful natural areas, in addition to the presence of many historical and tourist attractions, and offers many recreational activities, and we will learn in this article on the best places for a month Honey.


It is located on the continent of Africa, and it is considered one of the most attractive areas for tourists, as it contains picturesque beaches, and a group of distinctive tourist islands, and one of the most famous features is a park located in the center of Tanzania, you can enjoy watching marine life, unique animals, and owns many charming islands Among the most famous are Mefia and Bima.

Seychelles Islands

It is located in the Indian Ocean, and is one of the most important islands of Praslin, Mahe, and Lodig, and it is considered one of the most attractive places for tourists, especially for people who enjoy natural scenery, and for those looking for calm and comfort, and there are a group of luxurious and charming resorts that provide the best services.

Sri Lanka

It is considered one of the best areas where a person can spend their honeymoon, as it is known for its charming natural scenery, which surrounds it from all sides, and there are many tourist attractions, such as the giant rock of Sigiriya, and its picturesque beaches, and the most famous of Bentota and Nuralia, in addition to that it is rich in waterfalls And green spaces, where a variety of activities can be practiced, as well as increasing gem factories, in addition to enjoying watching folk dance performances, and the best months to visit Sri Lanka are December, February, and January.

Capri, Italy

Capri is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Italy, it contains rocks and caves dating back to the Greek and Romen era, wooden boats can be enjoyed and enjoying a tour inside the Grotto Caves, and it is characterized by the purity of its waters, and there is a mountain of Tiberio that can go by walking, and enjoy an enjoyable experience in the shade of nature .


It is considered one of the partition states of the Soviet Union, and its climate is characterized by its warmness, and there are many tourist areas, such as the Beltevich National Park, which contains charming lakes and waterfalls, in addition to the Zagreb region, which has historical landmarks, and there are a group of picturesque islands there, such as an island Humphar and Rap.

Berne in Switzerland

It is the administrative capital of Switzerland, and it is characterized by its historical architectural character, which dates back to the Middle Ages, and it contains a group of churches and ancient museums, and enjoys charming landscapes, and it overlooks the Alps, and among its most important features is the Zeitlog tower, which contains a medieval clock, and others So many features.

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