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It is a kinetic process by which a person moves from one geographical place to another provided that the distance between them is large, and travel is divided in terms of general classification into two parts; the first is local, i.e. within the borders of the state, and the other is international, i.e. going from the borders of one country to another, and there are many reasons that Leads to travel such as (leisure, work, therapy, and recreation), and this is done using different means of transportation (bikes, cars, trains, flyers, boats, ships, and many others).

Sweden is the best place to travel

There are many regions in this world that are classified as the best places to travel, but each site has its pros and cons. Perhaps the Scandinavian countries have managed in recent years to reach the highest levels of perfection in various aspects of life, whether in the political, social, economic, and educational aspects Sweden is one of the most prominent of these countries, as it maintains the Scandinavian social care system that provides comprehensive health care and higher education for its citizens, and has the eighth highest per capita income in the world, and ranks high in many national performance measures including the quality of the neighborhood Health, education, civil liberties protection, economic competitiveness, equality, prosperity and human development.

Tourist sites in Sweden

Sweden has many sites that attract everyone who looks at it, especially those sites that are naturally found, such as gardens, parks that contain many types of plants, trees, and flowers, including:

  • Stockholm City: What distinguishes it is that it occupies a great strategic location, making it one of the most beautiful cities of the seven continents, as it contains a large series of lakes surrounding the islands, as it contains areas located on the shores of the lakes, built with many houses, and huts, which are among the best areas for photographing tours.
  • Ice Hotel: It is an unparalleled hotel made of snow, and this thing alone is enough to distinguish it from all world hotels, as well as being the largest hotel in the world, and it is located in the city of Jukkasjärv.
  • Marstrand Island: It is described as the city of Hollywood, where most of the famous, rich families live on this island, which is characterized by its heritage nature, and what distinguishes it is that its homes are decorated in all colors.
  • Visby portal: The entrance was built many centuries ago and is located near the West Coast of Gotland and contains a series of the best restaurants in the world.

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