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Any bride dreams of obtaining special days with her husband, particularly during the honeymoon period, as this month is considered the first day of their marital life, so they prefer to spend it in a romantic, calm, enjoyable and beautiful atmosphere, so that the beginning of their marital life is a beautiful beginning and good for them, so we will get acquainted in this article The best places for a great honeymoon.

The best places for honeymoon

  • Venice: It is called the city of lovers, as it has a beautiful romantic character, there are many married people visiting it during the honeymoon period, in order to enjoy the most beautiful moments of their lives, and they can move in through the use of small boats, in addition to the small paths, and narrow streets that connect all The city buildings, and there are a group of hotels, tourist areas, and restaurants that offer the most delicious and delicious foods.
  • Bora Bora Island: There is a group of hotels set up on the water, when staying in it women can live the most beautiful moments of their life, by looking every morning on the beauty of the view from the balcony, clear water, and the purity of the atmosphere, and it is called the most beautiful island in the world, and the name The pearl of the Pacific Ocean, due to its extraordinary beauty, is considered one of the unique islands, and people go to it to spend an enjoyable time away from routine and pollution, city life, to get away from all social media, and when you visit it you feel like you are in another world.
  • Maldives: It is located in the Indian Ocean, and it is considered one of the best places for honeymoon, as there are floating buildings on the surface of the water, and people wake up to the sound of dolphins and sea waves, and has a charming and picturesque nature.
  • Bali: Its islands are characterized by its charming beauty, its wonderful beaches, and contains many natural and archaeological monuments, and is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world.
  • Paris: It is called the city of lights, and it has a romantic atmosphere, and many charming monuments, in addition to that it is famous for its wonderful French cuisine, and therefore it is possible to visit its restaurants and enjoy the most delicious food, and the most important tourist places are the Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, Versailles Palace and the Louvre Museum .
  • Zuri Florence: It is an italyn city, considered an inspiration for many artists from all over the world, due to its wonderful beauty, although it is a small city, but it is famous in a big way, and it is considered one of the most suitable places to spend honeymoon, and it is called love and art, You can enjoy delicious food, watch the wonderful sunset, and enjoy a romantic evening with your husband.

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