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Munich is one of the European continent cities, it is located on the banks of the Essar River, and it is located in the northern side of the Bavarian Alps, and is the third largest city in the German country with a total area of ​​310 square kilometers, and it lives more than five million and eight hundred thousand people, and the city is considered Currently one of the most attractive European cities for tourists, due to the city’s attractions, high-level tourism services, in addition to its appropriate climate.

Tourist Attractions

Here is a list of the most important and most prominent tourist attractions in the city of Munich:

  • María Square: The square is a central square in the city, and its foundation dates back to one thousand eight hundred and seven AD, and there is a group of markets on the outskirts of the field, the new city council known as the Neos Rathaus building, the Virgin Pole, the Fish Fountain, and the field is always full of musicians and artists who provide entertainment in the field .
  • English Garden: It is the largest park in the city and German countries, with a total area of ​​910 acres, and contains more than a hundred bridges, a large and varied group of trees and plants, and an artificial lake to create an attractive view in the garden.
  • Cofles Theater of the Bavarian Opera House: The theater is located on the east side of the Residence Hotel, and its construction dates back to one thousand seven hundred and fifty-five, and is one of the examples of Rococo theater type theaters, and it was a place for showing operas by Mozart musician, and many series dating back to the Baroque era.
  • Munich National Theater: It is considered one of the pioneering opera houses in the world, and was built by King Maximilian I Joseph in one thousand eight hundred and eighteen as one of the neoclassical theaters, but the building was destroyed during the First World War and the process of rebuilding it again was hard-working in one thousand nine hundred and sixty-three, and the building is composed From the Corinthian arcade, a structure made of stained glass mosaics, and a well-known hall that contains five layers of seats colored in red, ivory, erythema, blue, and gold.

Religious monuments

There are also a number of religious monuments in Munich:

  • Church of Our Lady: The construction of the church dates back to one thousand four hundred and eighty-eight, and was built from the Gothic brick, and it is distinguished by its having two opposite towers with a height of more than ninety nine meters, and contains a crypt in which tombs of people belonging to the two Vetselbach dynasties, Wafri Singh like Emperor Louis the Fourth Hans, and the Duke of Eren And the Duke of Louis V.
  • Rococo Deaf Church: The church was established in the year one thousand seven hundred and forty-six, and was designed by the Brothers Karzman and Edge, and the church was dedicated to Saint John Nebo Mock, and the most important characteristic of the church is that it is decorated inside the mural and oil paintings, and in it a statue of the Church’s intercessor made of wax and covered in glass.

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