Guide to the best places to hold a birthday party for children in Dubai, Dubai administration has all the necessary ingredients to entertain the individual. The government of the Arab emirate considers that the responsibility to entertain the individual is one of the most important dependencies that it works on taking care of and developing it in various forms that keep pace with all modern and contemporary.
Below is an article from Arab travelers that includes the most important ideas and places that children have on their birthdays in Dubai.

Dubai’s most popular birthday party venue

It evolved a lot more than before. Birthdays were limited to a simple family celebration that might be in the big family home, or the family home, and it contains nothing but a birthday cake with some sweets lying on the table, with some drinks, then singing the famous song. Happy birthday. ”After the candles float, the cake is cut and gifts are received.
Now the shape has completely changed, with cafes and restaurants becoming the main spaces for organizing birthdays, and whether the agreement will bear all the arrangements for the cafe, or will the cafe have to reserve the required and appropriate space according to the number of individuals, or for the families ’desire for more privacy.
There are also children’s entertainment cities that have the opportunity to celebrate birthdays.
These opportunities were created in order to give children a distinct atmosphere of joy, as well as to provide an opportunity for parents to make any effort in organizing or cleaning the home on such occasions.

Organizing birthday parties

Prepare (Magic PlantOne of the best places on the Emirati square, which is concerned with providing everything that children love and love to enjoy.
Interested (Magic Planet) By offering various packages for birthday celebrations to suit all ages. Also, birthdays there are varied according to groups large or small, will activities and games be added to them or will birthdays be designed only for traditional ceremonies and distribute gifts to Christmas songs accompanied by the CD coordinator of course.
Provides (Magic Plant) A space for different games, as there are different foods and delicious sweets, and distinctive decorations for birthdays.
You can also add magic shows, facial coloring paragraphs, and even create balloons.
There is also a club (Kids Club) In Atlantis, which brings joy and happiness to the children’s birthday parties in Dubai. The magician’s vertebrae and underwater theater are provided, in addition to providing activities for the command center and creativity area.
There is also a party (The Wen) That is keen to play dancing music that children love to kick off and dance to their tunes.
This is in addition to the water park (Aquaventure), Which provides more fun by organizing birthdays for children, which they are happy with because it is linked to water games.
There are also birthday parties held at the stadium (The little pirate), Which allows children to go towards tunnels, skis, and climbing ropes.

Children’s party hall in Dubai

The most important places and places that parents go to, to carry out birthdays for their children are the halls, and the halls that exist for this purpose are hall (My Box), Which allows organizing birthdays in various forms, and providing them with all the necessary equipment for sound, lighting and entertainment, and MyFox Lounges are spread all over Dubai.
There is also a city (Wild Valley) And full of water games, and the place is fun to hold entertainment parties for children, in all appropriate forms.
(Sky Dubai) It allows children to ski, snowboard and so much fun.
(T & BATMini Golf, a great golfing experience and Christmas celebration as well.

Children’s birthday supplies in Dubai

Available in Dubai, the most important and famous stores that take care of the delight in the supplies for wedding celebrations and birthdays
Such as:

Full party

It is an online store, helping you to organize birthday parties whatever the budget. It also provides you with communication with the companies specialized in providing food service, sweets, clowns, magicians, photographers, as well as face painting and various decorations requirements for this day.

Little Bucket Party Shop

They have all what you may need for a Christmas occasion for your children, and there is (Ballons and Party) store in the Business Bay in Dubai, and it has all the Christmas services, and all the entertainment needs of clothes, decorations, balloons, gifts, providing photographers, furniture rental services, and celebration places, The most wanted party organizers for the occasion.

Fancy Hobbes

Provides all birthday supplies, including photographers, furniture, decorations, decorations, balloons and accessories, in addition to specializing in preparing all types of parties. .

My Party Center

The center has two branches in Dubai, and two branches in Abu Dhabi. It also provides its services online. It is considered one of the most important centers specialized in selling party products and supplies in the world, and it has an online store to provide its services online.

Party Zone

One of the shops specialized in providing accessories and accessories for birthdays and fancy dress.

This was the most important thing in our search for the most important thing that you can rely on in planning the birthdays of your children. What makes the Christmas experience unforgettable.

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