Sweden is one of the most famous cities in the world of shopping, as it contains the best shopping places in Stockholm, which attracts tourists.

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Best shopping places in Stockholm

1- Ostermalm:

It is considered one of the most distinguished shopping centers in Stockholm, starting with its amazing building that resembles the eighteenth century buildings. It includes a group of furniture stores, electrical appliances and household appliances, in addition to shops for repairing damaged items. It contains a group of the most famous and distinctive restaurants and cafes. Members of the royal family come to shop in it, and officials always strive to preserve it and develop it to remain the best always.
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2- Sodermalm:

It was classified as the most wonderful shopping center in Europe for the year 2014 according to Vogue magazine, as it is one of the finest places in Stockholm. It contains a mix of modern shops that display the latest designs for everyone looking for real fashion. You find a range of cafes and restaurants, and even for those They follow a diet that will find restaurants that provide them with low-calorie meals. It is characterized by its proximity to the metro station and the car park, which makes it easy for those who want to visit it to have easy access to it.

3- Vasastan:

It is a hidden hidden gem in Stockholm, it is often ignored, but it provides multiple options for shopping lovers. It includes many famous brands, in addition to the stores that sell old things at discounted prices, and others that sell used items. It contains some antique shops specializing in selling Antique things at affordable prices. It is considered a popular destination for jeans lovers, as it includes a group of specialized shops that sell it with good materials and at reasonable prices.

4- Kungsholmen:

It contains a group of shops and brands that satisfy all people and classes. It includes a group of stores devoted to men's clothing, which includes a variety of different clothes, and whatever tastes differ you will find what you want from them. You find a group of women's clothing stores. And children at very reasonable prices, and this may be the most important place that visitors go to. It contains a collection of furniture and modern household items, which makes it attractive for you to take them to your home because of the beauty you give as soon as you see them. It has several branches, but its main center is located Adjacent to the Centralin T Sweden in Stockho M.Read also: Popular markets in Stockholm - Sweden

5- Old city - Gamla Stan:

One of the most beautiful cities in Stockholm, was founded in 1252 and still exists so far in the same old buildings that have changed little in style. They include a large group of small craft stores, selling handmade products that are suitable for gifts. In the same city also find porcelain shops And classic ceramics, in addition to handmade textiles and a set of designer furniture in it. It contains a set of wooden toys stores for children, such as cars and other toys that can be made of wood. This city has flawed that some of its dealers sell at exaggerated prices, so it is recommended to know the prices good Before going to it.

6- Mall of Scandinavia:

It is considered one of the largest and best shopping centers in Stockholm, it consists of 7 floors that include about 230 shops, and more than 20 restaurants and cafes. Shops in it are not limited to certain categories, it contains all the products that individuals can need according to their different desires It contains a health and beauty center, in addition to a library for everyone who loves to read or buy books. It is located in the Arenstadin district of Solna, north of Stockholm.

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