Sulaymaniyah Mosque

This mosque is the largest mosque in Istanbul and one of the most famous monuments in it, and it was built by order of Sultan Suleiman I, between 1550-1557 AD, and was designed by the architect Sinan, who is considered the most famous and most talented imperial architect, and this mosque is not the fourth imperial mosque built Istanbul has the largest of the Ottoman mosques, but it is considered one of the most beautiful and largest.
The tomb of Sinan is located directly outside the walls of this mosque, which has four minarets, with ten balconies symbolizing that Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was the fourth of the Ottoman sultans who ruled the city, while the ten terraces indicate that Solomon was the tenth of the Ottoman sultans in order since the founding of the state, and it is located in The garden behind the mosque has a balcony offering a wonderful view of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus.

The Grand Bazaar

The winding paths of this bazaar are filled with kiosks selling colorful spices of various kinds, crystals, luxurious fabric rolls, various Turkish handicrafts and souvenirs, which is a huge roofed bazaar surrounded by thick walls, and can be accessed through 11 gates, located between the Nur Ottoman Mosque, The Beyazit Mosque.

Bosphorus Strait

This strait is a narrow strip of water separating the European and Asian part of Turkey, and it provides a wonderful view of the horizon and the coast of Istanbul, and can be sailed through the famous cruises there.

Basilica Tank

This landmark is one of the most amazing monuments in Istanbul, which is a large hall under the ground, similar in appearance to the palace and the number of columns that have been supported by the hall 336 columns lined over 12 rows, and this tank has played an important role in storing water for the Byzantine Empire This project was started by Constantine and was completed during the reign of Emperor Justinian in the sixth century AD.

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