New guide for the best places to visit in Tangier, Morocco, Tangier is one of the cities with a long history of cosmopolitan, it has been called the bride of the north, because it is one of the most beautiful cities overlooking the Mediterranean, so what are the most beautiful places that can be visited in Tangier and what are the different activities that can be participated in, To spend a wonderful and unforgettable time in the most beautiful cities in Morocco, here are the most important details for Arab travelers.

Tangier, Morocco, wonderful tourism and unique experiences:

Tangier is located in the north of Morocco and it is ranked No. 6 for the largest cities in the country, and its economy is mainly based on tourism, as it attracts 50 percent of tourists in Morocco, thanks to the large number of tourist places in it.
Tangier contains many monuments in addition to the beauty of nature and the greatness of the constellations and you will find a lot of activities, which will make you not bored of your visit to it and want to repeat it again.

Best places to visit in Tangier:


The Kasbah is located on the top of the city, which allows you to see the state of Spain and see Gibraltar located on the nearby strait. In the past, the Kasbah was a place of exchange for different cultures and it contains the oldest museums in the city, and can be accessed through the mini market.

The Kasbah Museum:

Known as the Dar el-Makhzen, it was an ancient palace and then converted into a museum.
The Kasbah Museum dates back to the seventeenth century and is a living embodiment of the city’s ancient monuments, ancient history, and the civilizations in which it arose.
The museum is very famous for the beauty of architecture and the splendor of antique engineering design and it consists of 3 sections, each with its own unique character.

Edge Cafe:

It is one of the most prominent landmarks of the city in the world, and it is a favorite destination for Moroccan and foreign artists and painters and was built in 1920.
Al Haffa Café is one of the most beautiful and charming places, as it was designed on stairs. The place is very suitable for drinking famous Moroccan tea or taking a walk in the footsteps of Mohamed Choukri, the most famous novelist in Morocco, the Beatles, and other celebrities who visited the place.

The big market:

It is one of the most vital places in Tangier, where tourists will find many luxurious cafes and restaurants that are popular types of food, in addition to shops that sell wonderful Moroccan clothes and many simple handicrafts.
You will limit that the market is active all the time and is close to the mini market, and contains everything you want to buy. You will find antique Islamic mosques conveniently surrounding the markets, in addition to the presence of places and squares to take a break from the various restaurants that specialize in making delicious Moroccan food dishes.

Cinematheque Tangier:

The city of Tangier is still preserving its cultural history and ancient heritage, which is the most important thing that distinguishes it. Many film festivals are held throughout the year, which attracts artists, directors and cultural lovers to participate in it, including the artist Yatou Barrada of Morocco who created a cultural project in Tangier under The name of the cinematics is Tangier, in cooperation with producer Syriac Oriole from France and director Latif El Helou from Morocco. It is considered one of the largest cultural centers in the whole of the country of Morocco, and it contains many impressive galleries and many independent and not-for-profit films are shown, almost throughout the week, whether what you are looking for are short films, documentaries or foreign films, you will find them presented in this The magnificent center, which is equipped with two cinemas, and for its location, it is located in the April nine square near the Grand Market.

librairie les insolites

The owner of the place is Stephanie Gao, who created the library to be similar in its composition to the international cultural centers, in which you will find literary cafes, and many impressive photo galleries, and it is one of the best places to drink coffee in the morning, read your favorite book or participate in cultural activities and book discussions that take place in it And some writers also make a signature of their book, including poetry or literary works.
The library contains many independent works that you will not find anywhere and it unites at a distance of 340 kilometers from Casablanca, where you will need 4 hours to reach it if you take the train and three hours to reach it in the case of a car ride.

Ashkar Beach:

  • The beach is located 20 km from the center of Tangier, and it is one of the most beautiful destinations that can be visited with family and friends, especially if you are looking for calm and relaxation by the vast sea.
  • The beach is very suitable for practicing different marine sports, and if you visit it, do not forget to visit the Cave of Hercules, which is one of the largest caves in the continent, as it reaches a depth of more than 30 kilometers under the ground. The cave is a deep, dark cave, with an opening for light to enter, similar to the African continent.
  • As for the location of the cave, it is located at the place where the Atlantic Ocean is connected to the sea and it is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a panoramic view of all these charming natural places. If you feel the atmosphere visit the restaurants in the center of Spartel.

Nightlife in Tangier:

Many young people, when they visit Tangier, are confused about places to stay and events that can take place in each of them. The following is brief about them:

  • Mövenpick and Solazur are from the month of cabarets in Tangier, while the second does not offer hookah. Taj Mahal, which belongs to the Umniah Hotel, is also a popular nightclub and is a favorite for many young people.
  • Al Diwan and Al Mawal, which has two branches directly on the Corniche, ensures that you enjoy a wonderful time with your friends.
  • Marcelo: He is known for the beauty of the songs he provides, and you will have the opportunity to sit in an elegant place.
  • Among the dance locations in Morocco are the Black S disco and the La Rose Blue disco, in addition to the disco La Luna, which has gained great popularity in the recent period.

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