There is no more beautiful and enjoyable than eating on the sea, and therefore we recommend to you the best restaurants in the news by the sea in order to enjoy the most beautiful dining experience at all, where you can sit directly in front of the sea and eat the food while you enjoy the cool breezes of the sea air and it caresses your cheeks and opens Your appetite. Here is a list of the finest restaurants overlooking the sea, located on the Khobar Corniche, suitable for families and individuals alike, and their prices are suitable for various weak and medium budgets, so continue with us.

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The finest and best news restaurants on the sea

La Gondola Restaurant

La Gondola Restaurant is the finest and most beautiful italyn restaurant in the city of Khobar at all, as it serves all popular italyn cuisine and is very suitable for families and couples looking for a unique and romantic experience due to its unique location just off the Corniche road in Khobar. And dishes are served in the restaurant as if it is a painting Exquisite art, coordinated and delicately drawn, which makes it appetizing and always hot, and also all dishes are served with flavored pizza, homemade tomato sauce and olives, the food is always delicious and the service is attentive and fast despite constant crowding and calm music in the atmosphere Mm It doesn’t make you live a beautiful italyn experience. La Gondola RestaurantLa Gondola RestaurantLa Gondola Restaurant
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Layalina Restaurant Khobar

Layalina Restaurant is located on the Corniche on King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Road, and it is one of the best restaurants in Al Khobar on the sea, its location is excellent, and it has open spaces directly in front of the sea and closed cabins overlooking the sea as well. The restaurant does not specialize in providing a specific type of food where each Something and whatever you want to eat you will definitely find in the menu; whether it is Arab, oriental, and Levantine food or Western and international food, and all foods are very delicious and excellent quality. There are buttons on each table to request service or workers and order food as well, just by pressing On it, the worker comes to you to take your request, and reservations can be made by phone Ahead due to permanent congestion of the place, but the prices are reasonable and inexpensive as it is suitable for families and large gatherings.Layalina Restaurant KhobarLayalina Restaurant KhobarLayalina Restaurant KhobarLayalina Restaurant Khobar

Pearl & Coral Restaurant Khobar

The pearl and coral restaurant in Al Khobar is famous in another name and it is an undersea restaurant and the reason for that name is the wonderful decorations and aquariums throughout the restaurant that will make you feel that you are sitting on the sea floor completely, and this is also the reason we put the restaurant in the list of restaurants located on the sea Although it is not so, but it is located on Al-Abrar Street in Al-Khobar, but you will feel that you are inside the sea itself. The restaurant specializes in providing seafood that you will never taste anywhere else, it is delicious enough to not be described in words. Is that the prices are cheap and suitable for all budgets, you will miss a lot if Never tried it
With your family or friends, where you like times and family gatherings.Pearl & Coral Restaurant KhobarPearl & Coral Restaurant KhobarPearl & Coral Restaurant KhobarPearl & Coral Restaurant Khobar

Fish Market Restaurant

Fish Market Restaurant is characterized by its distinguished location on the Corniche Road in Al-Khobar, and it is customary to have restaurants located
On the sea specializes in fish and seafood of all kinds, and is also distinguished for its interiors that start from walls and even
The dishes where food is served. The most wonderful thing about Fish Market Restaurant is that you can choose the variety of fish that you like and want to eat
And choosing the method that you want to be cooked also, there are many cooking methods available in the place, including Chinese cooking
Thai, Japanese, French and other distinctive methods.Fish Market RestaurantFish Market RestaurantFish Market RestaurantFish Market Restaurant

Copper Chandni Restaurant

Copper Chendni Restaurant is the distinctive waterfront of Khobar, located on the Corniche Road, directly on the sea, and it is specialized
The restaurant is in authentic Indian folk food such as chicken with Indian spices, grills, appetizers and all dishes
Only India will taste it! As for the restaurant’s decor, it is a summit of luxury and beauty designed in the original Indian style, which makes the restaurant a distinctive sign of the city.Copper Chandni RestaurantCopper Chandni RestaurantCopper Chandni RestaurantCopper Chandni Restaurant

Moon Light Restaurant

Moonlight Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Al Khobar by the sea, and it is one of the most elegant and elegant restaurants suitable for friends and couples
They want to spend a romantic and enjoyable time in a quiet and elegant place with great views. Moonlight Restaurant overlooks the sea directly, where you can sit in air-conditioned cabins with balconies overlooking the sea or
Sitting in an open area overlooking the sea also with the fresh air, the restaurant offers various foods such as grills
And fast foods and delicious Arab and international cuisine with a unique taste and sophisticated with delicious appetizers and juices
Fresh moisturizer.Moon Light RestaurantMoon Light RestaurantMoon Light RestaurantMoon Light Restaurant

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