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Where is Gibraltar

The Strait of Gibraltar is considered one of the most important waterways in the world, and it is located between the northern side of the continent of Africa and the Iberian Peninsula, as it is bordered by the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, as it reaches a length of 58 km and reaches a depth of more than 400 meters, and an area of ​​approximately 6000 It is 425 meters above sea level, and was named in the foot by the pillars of Hercules before it was named after the Islamic leader Tariq Ibn Ziyad, who passed through it at the beginning of the Islamic conquests of the State of Spain in the year 711 AD.

Gibraltar politically

Gibraltar is part of the United Kingdom, and it was seized by Britain in the early eighteenth century, according to the agreement concluded between two parties; the first party is the countries of the Netherlands and Spain and the second party is the state of Britain, which led to the outbreak of many bloody military confrontations, the most prominent of which The naval battle of the western side between the British fleet on the one hand and the Spanish and French fleet on the other hand in the year 1805 AD, which resulted in the British control of Gibraltar officially.

Information about the population

Gibraltar has a population of approximately 43,000, and most of its population is of British, Maltese, italyn, Portuguese, Spanish, and Moroccan nationalities, and most of them work in the British Army. As for religion, most of Gibraltar belong to the Christian religion specifically Romen Catholic, in addition to a few belonging to To the Islamic religion.

Education in Gibraltar

Education in the Gibraltar region is compulsory and free for children aged 4-15 years, and the English language is used as an official language in the teaching process, Gibraltar has 11 primary schools and two secondary schools, the Jabal Tariq College for Higher Education and the University of Gibraltar and a vocational training center, where The number of students in these educational institutions is estimated at more than five thousand students, and it should be noted that the Gibraltar region has not registered illiteracy cases in it, as the literacy rate reached 100%.

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