The best restaurants in Al-Khobar are families that are characterized by being medium-priced so that you can take your family to it whatever your number without worrying about the budget, and these restaurants must be comfortable and excellent in quality. And in order to make us not confused a lot in searching for the restaurant that suits you and your family we offer you Top 5 family restaurants in Al Khobar.

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6 of the best restaurants in Khobar families

Steakhouse Restaurant Khobar

Steak House Restaurant is located on Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road in Al-Khobar, and it is one of the best restaurants in Khobar families as it has been very popular in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for twenty years; and he has won several awards for several times. The restaurant has a room for children to play Don’t worry too much for families with children; it also provides free meals for children on Tuesday and Wednesday of each week, and the restaurant system itself is unique as the chefs cook food in front of you as in major international restaurants. Steakhouse Restaurant KhobarSteakhouse Restaurant KhobarSteakhouse Restaurant Khobar
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Piatto Restaurant Khobar

Beato Al Khobar is the best family-friendly italyn restaurant, where you will try the best hot and fresh italyn dishes with your family, especially the pizza that will not be irresistible. The restaurant is very popular in the city because it is located in the heart of the business center, which makes its pioneers very many, serving garlic bread Fresh and hot with all the dishes in addition to a large bowl of salad and that is free of charge with any dish you require, you should not miss his experience if you are with your family in the city of Khobar.Piatto Restaurant KhobarPiatto Restaurant KhobarPiatto Restaurant KhobarPiatto Restaurant Khobar

Primavera Restaurant Khobar

Primavera Al Khobar Restaurant is located in the Crown Plaza Hotel and it is one of the excellent and very popular hotels in the city, which is located in the way of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Khobar. You can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Primavera Restaurant with your family where there are different menus throughout the day and the food always What is fresh and is cooked daily in front of the restaurant goers. As for sweets, they cannot be described in words, where an open dessert buffet is held only, and it includes an amazing chocolate fountain and unparalleled sweets, and this makes the restaurant very suitable for your children and family.Primavera RestaurantPrimavera RestaurantPrimavera RestaurantPrimavera Restaurant Al-Khobar Read also: Al-Deghaither Island restaurants in Al-Khobar .. Learn about one of the best restaurant chains in the Kingdom

Orient Restaurant Khobar

Orient Restaurant Al Khobar is located on Prince Turki Street, and it is one of the best restaurants in Khobar. Families love their food for young children, as it specializes in providing delicious Asian food. Children love Asian food very much, and therefore the restaurant is frequented by many families. You can eat Chinese, Japanese and even eastern food. It has some Asian touches and the most beautiful of it is that
The food is served in an amazing artistic way as if an artist is cooking, and the prices are reasonable and not at all high.Orient Restaurant KhobarOrient Restaurant KhobarOrient Restaurant KhobarOrient Restaurant Khobar

Tanoor House Restaurant, Khobar

Beit Al Tanoor Restaurant is located on Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Road, in the Al Hizam Al Akhdar region, in Khobar
And the exceptional thing that you will want to repeat with your family again and again. The restaurant specializes in serving delicious Arabic and oriental cuisine and you can see the chefs cooking food in front of you.
The prices are amazing, and you will not pay much for your family, which makes it suitable for families with large numbers.Tanoor House Restaurant, KhobarTanoor House Restaurant, KhobarTanoor House Restaurant, KhobarTanoor House Restaurant, Khobar

Madena Restaurant Khobar

Madena Restaurant is located on Al Yarmouk Street in Al Aqrabiya area in Al Khobar, which is specifically in Al Khobar Village Heritage Village, in this restaurant
You can eat delicious popular dishes that the region is famous for. Also, the sessions are Arabic and the food contains authentic Arabic flavor, and it is suitable for families in terms of sessions and prices.Madena Restaurant KhobarMadena Restaurant KhobarMadena Restaurant KhobarMadena Restaurant Khobar

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