The best restaurants in Marrakech

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Morocco has a great diversity of cultures, where it was subject to occupation and colonization by the French, Portuguese, and Spanish. This clearly affected the Moroccan cuisine, to become one of the most important kitchens in the region and the world. Restaurants in the city of Marrakech vary greatly, so you can eat the most delicious traditional food from them. , And contemporary. Wherever you roam the city streets, you find the food surrounding you.

Here is a tour around the best restaurants in Marrakech..You can enjoy your senses with the most delicious flavors

Le Jardin

Hidden in the corridors of the Medina of Marrakech, Le Jardin is a restaurant that adds sophistication and a special French flavor to this archaeological site. It allows its visitors to enjoy old Marrakesh, in a calm, relaxing and relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant is located in a small seventeenth century palace, which was discovered by Kamel Laftimi, a designer who has restored the palace to give it a special feel. It is now known as the Palace of Culture, where its visitors can relax and enjoy watching some movies besides eating the most delicious dishes and foods that feature classic character and organic ingredients. Address: 32, Leather Market, Sidi Abdel Aziz.The best restaurants in Marrakech - The best restaurants in MarrakechLe Jardin also read: Tourist places in Morocco for families

Gastro MK

Restaurant GastroMak is located in one of the most luxurious and luxurious hotels in Morocco, the Hotel Mack. The restaurant is characterized by its charming and sharp design, and its dishes blend between the French and Moroccan cuisine, which makes it one of the best restaurants in Marrakech. Chef Omar Uhsseni created a menu with a classic character. Dinner includes five dishes of variety. For example; pastel chicken with almonds, lettuce salad with quail eggs, pumpkin puree, duck confit with apricot sauce, potato salad, dried fruit sauce, foie gras sauce with crunchy carrot chips. Carters for palaces.1581207300 909 The best restaurants in Marrakech - The best restaurants in MarrakechGastro MK

Dar Moha

Dar Moha is one of the best restaurants in Marrakesh that you can try Moroccan food through it, mixing classic flavors, techniques and modern cooking methods. The restaurant is run by Mohamed Vidal, who has transformed the place into a piece of paradise where the wonderful, comfortable tables surrounding a large pool grant The place has a distinctive, fun atmosphere. One of the most delicious dishes served by the restaurant; crab pasta with coriander juice, roast beef with olives and preserved lemon, and wafers crumbs with delicious apple sauce. Address: Roo Al-Basha 81, Old Town.The best restaurants in Marrakech - The best restaurants in MarrakechDar Moha also read: The most beautiful tourist places in Tangier

Le Grand Café de la Poste

The Grand Café de la Poste bears the twentieth stamp, blending the colonial era Morocco experienced with contemporary life. This is evident in the place’s design, the types of dishes it serves. French style and old Moroccan designs dominate the restaurant’s decor. Its dishes combine the techniques of French cuisine with the originality of Moroccan flavors. Don’t miss a taste of roast beef; one of the most recommended dishes of the place, along with grilled sardines and marbled liver. The restaurant is decorated with a magnificent terrace, where many fun parties are held. Because of this wonderful atmosphere, it hosts a large number of celebrities. Address: Zawyet Bed, Al-Mansour Adhebi & F.1581207300 868 The best restaurants in Marrakech - The best restaurants in MarrakechLe Grand Café de la Poste

Al Fassia Gueliz

El Fassia Galiz restaurant is characterized by its delicious traditional dishes, and therefore you find it always crowded with tourists, and locals as well. Its dishes are characterized by simplicity and fresh ingredients, so it is located among the best restaurants in Marrakech. Delicious grilled lamb meat. Address: 55, Zerktoni Street.1581207300 301 The best restaurants in Marrakech - The best restaurants in MarrakechAl Fassia Gueliz


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