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Mustafa Pasha village

Mustafa Pasha village is located outside the Turkish Cappadocia region, and it is considered a real jewel inhabited by Turks and Greece in cave-like buildings. The village also contains many historical houses made of stone, which were beautifully built and magnificent.

Cass Village

This charming coastal village is located at the foothills of the green hills, along the Mediterranean coast, and has become a very famous tourist destination for its natural beauty, and its well-preserved historical monuments. It is also a good place for diving and relaxation. Like wooden locks, large amounts of bougainvillea plant.

This village managed to keep its beaches clean and unpolluted, despite its congestion, and there is also focus and attention on everything that is underwater such as colorful fish, sea turtles, and other aquatic creatures, in addition to many shipwrecks that are submerged underwater.

Yaniklar Village

Yaniklar village is located 15 kilometers from the coastal city of Fethiye, and the village is a quiet and comfortable place compared to the resort around it, and the village is famous for its famous sweet Anatolian mud trees, in addition to its many beautiful streams of water, citrus farms, and a variety of birds.


In 1958 AD, the coastal city of Fethiye was hit by an earthquake that caused its destruction, and only the remains of the ancient city of Telmisos were left, and after more than half a century, the city once again became a prosperous center in the western Mediterranean region, and a major spot for Turkish cruise ships. From the prosperity of the city, only to face a challenge in its low size, due to the restrictions imposed on high-rise buildings and temporary Turkish yacht trips, which are often active between April and October.

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