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Sigiriya is known as the Lion Rock, which is a rock castle and a palace located in the Matale province. You can visit this historical site and go up to this summit to learn about the ancient ruins surrounded by gardens, ponds, and frescoes. This site was ranked as the best historical site that was recorded among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Expensive city

You can visit the city of Galle to enjoy a relaxing holiday, as the city is famous for the charming homes dating back to the Dutch era, and the wonderful sea views, as can be visited many sites in the city, such as the Galle Castle, which is one of the most important sites in the world heritage, and the largest marine fortress built by the Europeans and It still stands in Asia, as well as St. Mary’s Cathedral and Galle International Stadium.

Unawatuna Bay

Unawatuna Bay is considered one of the most visited areas, located in the southern part of Sri Lanka, where it enjoys its calm waters and short waves, which makes it suitable for swimming, especially for families. This Gulf is also known as a horseshoe that is protected by coral reefs, and it can be visited to enjoy its beautiful sands .

Yala National Park

The Yala National Park is one of the most famous parks in Sri Lanka, and its total area is about 1268 square kilometers. This park contains many grassy plains, salty lakes and broad plains, and is characterized by the presence of a diverse wildlife, which includes a large group of animals: as elephants, Crocodiles, monkeys, and buffalo.

Kandy City

Kandy is located in the center of Sri Lanka, and it is the second largest city in the country. It was the Sinhalese royal capital from 1592 to 1815 CE when it was taken over by the British, and Kandy is famous for its culture, and in the city there is the temple of Siri Dalada Maligawa built by the Royal Palace Complex.


Polonnaruwa is one of the clear examples of ancient Sinhalese art and architecture, where there are many temples, ruins, statues, and other well-preserved archaeological sites, and this city has been for thousands of years the capital of the island, its commercial and religious center, as there are many treasures Historical.

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