The best tourist places in Abha

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The best tourist places in Abha are the top of the mountains and natural places, and the city of Abha is the administrative headquarters and the capital of the Asir region in the southwest of Saudi Arabia and one of its most important cities that are located on the Hejaz Mountains, and the city of Abha is one of the most important summer resorts and tourist cities in Saudi Arabia, because of its mild climate and great height from The surface of the sea, so it is called the mountain bride as it is called the Lady of Fog as well as its splendid Abha because of its natural beauty.

The best tourist places in Abha Gorgeous

Most of the tourist areas in Abha are located on the mountain tops and in the valleys to become stunning views and wonderful atmosphere

Green Mountain (Mount Corn)

The Green Mountain is located in the center of the city of Abha, so the tourists of the city of Abha are keen to climb to the top of the mountain to see the city from all sides, and for the height of the mountain peak we will find it surrounded by beautiful and picturesque clouds, and at the top of the mountain there are many tourist facilities and services such as restaurants, cable cars, and other services , And decorated the mountain with green terraces and green lighting to give it beauty at night.

Al-Souda village of Abha

Al-Souda village is 20 km away from the city of Abha, at an altitude of 3015 meters above sea level, and its mountains are covered with dense juniper trees, creating picturesque natural forests. Tourists in Al-Souda village can see the wonderful views of the valleys, valleys, and neighboring villages that are located in the Tihama Plain through enlarged views placed Especially for that, the village records temperatures not exceeding 15 degrees Celsius in the summer, and the park is connected to the village of the brightest men in the Tihama Asir by hanging carriages, which are approximately 40 km away from the city of Abha.

Al-Muftah Village

It is a tourist village that is considered the first in the Kingdom. It embraces plastic arts, photography, various industries, crafts, handicrafts, and local professions. The aim of establishing this village is to be a destination to attract crafts and arts lovers. There is a huge theater in the village where lyrical celebrations and festivals are held in the summer. .

El Nozha Tourist Resort

The Nozha Tourist Resort is distinguished by its distinguished location and stunning view, which is located on the banks of the Dam Abha Lake, in terms of greenery, beauty and the outdoors. The resort units are designed internally so that the resort site with a magnificent view of the Abha Dam Lake is taken advantage of, ensuring complete privacy during the residence.

Al Souda cable car

It is the largest tourism project, as helicopters were used to build towers, cables and infrastructure, and it has 23 vehicles carrying each one of eight people, i.e. seven hundred to one thousand people per hour, and approximately 3,500 people per day, at a rate of one million passengers annually, at a distance of 18 kilometers, And the journey of the car takes two minutes round trip, which is equivalent to 300 trips per day, and thirty trips per hour,.

Andalus Park

Andalus Park is one of the most beautiful tourist parks in the city of Abha, because of its wonderful place, distinguished by the presence of green spaces surrounding it, with clouds and fog, so that the atmosphere becomes charming and wonderful, and it sends comfort, relaxation and tranquility in the soul.

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