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Standing market

The Souq Waqif is considered one of the best tourist places in Doha, as this market was built on the ruins of the old market site, which was a market for the Bedouins for several centuries, as they were bringing their sheep to this region for trade, and it is reported that the entire market area has been re-developed in an innovative way; This seems to be part of a market dating back to the nineteenth century, and the market contains many shops built of clay, exposed wooden beams, and some authentic Qatari buildings.

Katara Mosque

The Katara Mosque represents one of the best tourist places in Doha, as it is located in the middle of the Katara Cultural Village, and it is classified among the most beautiful architecture of architecture in the Middle East region, as its design differs from other mosques in Qatar, and perhaps the most important feature of it is that it is a mosaic building of blue tiles, With the presence of red and yellow tiles, but to a lesser extent, this is in addition to containing many somewhat complicated interiors, and there are three toothed columns next to the sky.

Banana Island Resort

Al-Moza Island takes the form of a crescent, which is one of the best tourist places in Qatar, where its beach contains golden sands, the island is covered with tropical plants and green spaces, as it embraces six restaurants, and provides tourists with the opportunity to practice many activities; including: Segway riding, diving in Beach, floating surfing, and more.

Other tourist places

Doha includes many tourist places worth visiting, including the following:

  • Oryx Sanctuary: This reserve contains Arabian Oryx, one of the endangered species of deer.
  • Museums: The museums show the true features of Islamic arts. Among these museums are the following:
    • Museum of Islamic Arts.
    • Qatar National Museum.
    • Arab Museum of Modern Art.
    • Islamic Culture Center.
  • Castles and towers, represented by the following:
    • Castle of the meal.
    • Al Wakra Fort.
    • Al-Zubarah city.
    • Sensitivity.
    • Barzan and Al Wasl Towers.
  • Doha Desert: It is included in the list of beautiful sites in Qatar, where visitors can enjoy watching the desert sands, sand dunes, and many desert scenes that deserve to be seen.
  • The Great Mosque of the State: This mosque is distinguished by its large area and the splendor of its construction from the inside, where its dome rises to the top, and inside it there are white stone columns, and simple chandeliers hanging from above it, and the beauty of the mosque increases at night, as it is illuminated with purple lights.

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