Indonesia is one of the places that God loved by a charming and picturesque nature in addition to its people are the best and most generous people, and the prices are very suitable for everyone and suitable for families and young people who spend their honeymoon, so you must visit Indonesia in order to enjoy the charming and picturesque islands on the beaches Very warm and characterized by a warm and temperate climate throughout the year, so we decided to collect for you in this article a group of very luxurious tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Best tourist destinations in Indonesia:

1- Bali Island is a very popular destination for new couples and grooms:

Bali island is one of the very famous islands in Indonesia, which witnesses a heavy demand from tourists from all countries of the world, and this island is known as ((the Lesser Sunda Island)), and this island combines charming green nature with a group of very charming and warm beaches It also includes a large number of the finest and best hotels in Indonesia that hold a wide range of different activities, but this island is a favorite destination for new couples and grooms more than families, as the residence is somewhat high.

2- Bandung Island:

If you want to spend a very special holiday between the charming nature but at the same time you want an economical vacation at a reasonable cost, you should go to Bandung Island, as it contains a large group of charming hotels and middle-priced commercial centers as it is less crowded, and it also contains a group Large number of very interesting museums, cafes and tourist restaurants, Bandung Island is surrounded by a group of fields, tea plantations and very charming nature reserves, so it is very suitable for families and for those who love low-cost trips and parks.

3- Surabaya ((many family activities and tourist attractions)):

Surabaya is the destination for many families who want to combine modern and very developed buildings with a number of very simple popular neighborhoods. It also combines shopping trips, nature trips and many tourist attractions, and also includes a number of unique mosques and restaurants. If you have a number of children then you should go to the Sampurana Museum, which includes a large collection of statues and very interesting activities, and also includes a large group of huge markets that suit you in order to buy souvenirs at very reasonable prices.

4- Jakarta for shopping fans and bustling places:

But if you are a fan of shopping and lovers of noisy and crowded places, you should visit the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, which is the ideal tourist destination for families and group trips, Jakarta combines the scenic nature with shopping tourism as it includes a large group of very large malls Which has all the international brands with low economic cost.
We advise you to book a hotel close to the attractions and the commercial markets due to the heavy crowd that can waste your day without being able to enjoy, and you should not forget to visit the “Grand Indonesia Mall” which is the most famous mall in Jakarta, but if you are a fan of water games Very charming you have to visit “Central Park”, which includes a large group of water games that suit adults and children, and you can also visit the Thousand Island Sanctuary, which is located on the coasts of Jakarta, which is the most famous destination in Indonesia and Jakarta in particular.

5- Yogyakarta for history and culture lovers:

If you are a fan of the fragrant history and cultural attractions, you should visit the city of Yogyakarta, as it represents a blatant appeal to all lovers of history and heritage in order to visit and enjoy it, and if you are a fan of exploration, you should visit Java Island, but before that you should not forget to You visit Sue Temple, which includes many ancient historical monuments, and if you have children do not forget to visit the zoo, which your children will enjoy a lot, but we advise you to stay away from the Merapi volcano area, which is one of the active volcanoes all the time in Indonesia.

6- Basiona Mother Resort and Spa:

But if you want to enjoy a short trip away from the noise and the noise and want to enjoy, relax and calm at the same time, you have to go to a resort and spa, as this resort is also characterized by being close to all entertainment services and close to the Safari Indonesia Zoo, and this resort provides To the guests big tennis courts and there is an international spa equipped with all modern devices, but if you want to enjoy a massage session in order to get rid of back pain and overwork, you will find a spa team specialized in making massages professionally, then after that you should relax by sitting in the very hot Jacuzzi If you are a fan, then Equestrian, you can enjoy horseback riding in this resort.

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