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Bali island

Bali is one of the most visited islands in Southeast Asia, in addition to being a destination for honeymooning in Asia, known for its beautiful beaches and clear blue waters, and there are beautiful resorts and fertile lands in the interior, and Bali has been visited by a large number of artists, writers and people They want to spend time in a place with calm and unique weather to improve their health.

Sumatra island

Sumatra is the largest island in Indonesia, and the sixth largest island in the world, the equator passes through this island, visited by many adventurers, travelers and people interested in rainforests or endangered animal species, tourism is concentrated in Sumatra in the northern part of it; where there is Lake Toba and is the largest A volcanic lake in the world, there are indigenous tribes in Sumatra who have their own rituals, which tourists visit to adventure, enjoy the beauty of nature or climb active volcanic mountains.

Java Island

Java Island extends between the islands of Sumatra and Bali, which is the most densely populated island in the world, in which more than 60% of the population of Indonesia lives, this island preserves the Indonesian civilization, in addition to it is famous for the coffee that was named Java on its name, there is a volcano called Gunung Gunung Bromo, an active volcano frequently visited by tourists to enjoy the spectacular sunrise view from the top of the volcanic mountain.

Raja Ampat Islands

The Raja Ampat archipelago is located near the northwest of the island of New Guinea, and this archipelago includes about 1500 small islands, and studies indicate that the marine life around these islands possesses the largest number of diverse marine creatures on Earth, and this makes them an ideal place for diving. The main reason for the diversity of marine organisms is that the islands have very few inhabitants.

Ding Plateau

Dieng Plateau is one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, and this plateau is located at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, it is characterized by the beauty of its nature and the stunning views of the mountains, forests and villages in it, in addition to the presence of a multi-colored lake, hot spring and ancient Hindu temples, in which it is held An annual festival that includes traditional rituals and musical performances.

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