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Jubail Reserve

This reserve contains a large group of wildlife, birds, rodents and invertebrate animals, and this reserve was built after the end of the Kuwait war to preserve marine life and detect the rate of oil pollution on the Arabian Gulf coast.

Jubail Corniche

Al-Jubail Corniche is characterized by the presence of some palm trees, which give it a unique tourist appearance, as it contains a group of high-end chalets, and facilities are provided that provide distinguished services for tourists and residents of the city.


There are many beaches in the city of Jubail, including:

  • Palm Beach: Palm Beach is considered one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in the city of Jubail, as it includes large areas of green land scattered all over the beach, and there are usually some annual festivals, such as: the flower festival, which turns the beach into an artistic painting painted with colorful flowers.
  • Fanateer Beach: Fanateer beach is one of the modern beaches in Al-Jubail, and it has been improved to increase tourism in the city, and it has many vital facilities and services, as well as entertainment games, which are the best types of tourism in the city.


In the province of Jubail, there are many parks that can be visited, including:

  • Al Dafi Park: Al-Dafi Park is located to the north of Al-Dafi neighborhood. It was established in 1404 AH, and its area is 451,600 square meters. This park is characterized by a natural forest that contains a large group of trees. .
  • Al Karama Park: It is a park in the city of Jubail, and its area is 37.743 square meters.
  • Petra park: It is one of the beautiful parks in Jubail, and its area is 96.252 square meters.
  • Water Canal Park: This park was built to stimulate tourism in the Jubail region, as it is characterized by the presence of all modern equipment and designs, and in the center of the park there is a main water channel that is used to drain the excess flood waters, in addition to that it contains a large number of trees.

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