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Tourism in Trabzon

The Turkish city of Trabzon is located on the coast of the Black Sea, and the city still maintains many aspects from the Middle Ages, where the heart of the city is located on a triangle of Tabliden, which is located between two deep valleys, and there are still remains of a port from the ancient Romen era, and at the end of the port we find ruins An old ruined castle, the city center is located on the east and west sides, with walls of Byzantine remains. And the city of Trabzon contains many historical monuments, so that the city walls are a historical landmark, and the city contains part of the Grand Comneni Palace in addition to many churches from the Byzantine era. One of the picturesque and perfectly preserved churches is the Hagia Sophia which is now used as a museum and overlooking the sea. The church is distinguished for containing 13th century frescoes. The city also contains the mosque and the shrine of Gulbahar, which is one of the best monuments from the Ottoman era, and it is the shrine of the wife of Sultan Beyazit II.

Tourism in the Black Sea

The Black Sea coast is one of the tourist destinations among the countries overlooking the sea, as it is overlooked by Turkey, Georgia, Romenia, Bulgaria, Russia and Ukraine. During the summer, tourists are attracted to the sandy Black Sea beaches, and ports in all countries are filled with hotels and resorts.

The most important tourist attractions in Trabzon

There are many tourist places in Trabzon, and they are:

  • Sumela Monastery: Built in the 14th century, it is located on a steep mountain, and a dense forest lies at the bottom of the mountain.
  • Church and Monastery of Our Lady: A large part of the building is carved into the rock and the entire building is covered with frescoes. The complex consists of 5 floors and contains approximately 72 rooms.
  • Hagia Sophia Museum: It is the most famous place in the whole of Trabzon.
  • Gulbhar Khatun Mosque: It is one of the beautiful and interesting places in the region, and Trabzon contains many important mosques such as Hatib Mosque and Iskandar Pasha.
  • Girls ’Monastery: It is part of the historical historical homes worth seeing in Trabzon dating back to the 14th century.
  • Ataturk Palace: Built by a wealthy Greece, the palace is an important tourist destination, and Ataturk lived twice in 1930 and 1937.

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