The best tourist places in Kuwait

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The State of Kuwait is one of the Arab Islamic countries located northwest of the Arabian Gulf. Kuwait borders the northern and western sides of Iraq, and the southern side is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its population is approximately three million, and its area is about 17,818 square kilometers. The word Kuwait means the fort that was established near From the city in the seventeenth century AD, the importance of the state stems from the fact that it possesses oil reserves amounting to 10% of the total reserves in the world; it is one of the founding members of OPEC.

The best sights in Kuwait

Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Kuwait. The towers are located on the shore of the Arabian Gulf in the eastern region opposite the Basman Palace in the capital Kuwait, they are three high-rise towers, constructed to be a symbol of the renaissance and development of the country’s urban and economic development, a Swedish company made the designs and implemented by a Yugoslav company And that is in the year 1975 AD, and in 1979 AD the towers were officially opened in the country, the three towers differ in their heights as the height of the highest tower is 187 meters and it is the main tower that consists of a group of halls suitable for holding celebrations in it and a group of famous restaurants such as the horizon restaurant that It is considered one of the most famous restaurants in the Arabian Gulf in terms of its view. As for the middle tower, which is 147 meters high, which is a storage tower for water, and the smaller tower, which is 113 meters high, it is the tower responsible for providing lighting to the other two towers by means of scouts. Each of the towers includes a ball in the above made Of a number of iron plates painted in color consistent with the color of the sky.

Kuwait National Museum

It was inaugurated by Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in 1957 AD, located inside the palace of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in the Al-Sharq region. Initially it included folk monuments, after which some of the relics that were discovered on Failaka Island that date back to the Bronze and Greek era were added. The museum was moved in 1976 AD to Badr House, which is one of the old houses in Kuwait, and in 1983 AD the current headquarters of the museum located in Arab Gulf Street were opened, the museum includes three buildings; the first building contains administration offices, a library, a lecture hall, an exhibition of ancient antiquities and a number of Kuwaiti works

the green Island

It is located near Kuwait Towers, along the waterfront of the coastal strip in the Shuwaikh area to Ras Al-Ard, with an area of ​​approximately 785 thousand square meters, connected to land via a corridor of 134 meters long, constructed by the Tourism Projects Company, it is from a man-made island, The island is distinguished by the colors of the trees and plants surrounding the island, despite its presence in the middle of the desert. The island includes a runway that can accommodate 700 people to hold festivals and festivals, in addition to many restaurants and places of entertainment for children such as the water castle.


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