What is Kuwait famous for?

المسافرون العرب


Kuwait, this country that is located on the Arabian Gulf, and it is a state ruled by the Prince from (Al-Sabah family), and its rule by inheritance, and is distinguished by its currency which is (the Kuwaiti Dinar) the most expensive currency in the world, and despite its small size, it is notorious that it has the fifth rank globally, at an average rate The reserves are in oil, and it is classified as the ninth richest country in the world in oil. It owns the (Burgan) field, which is the largest oil field in the world, and Kuwait is also famous for its economy, which is considered one of the best economies in the world. The Kuwaiti stock exchange in it, which represents the most powerful stock exchange in the world, increases.

Kuwait in the past

Kuwait was known in the past as the name of Qurain, and this word minimizes a century, meaning the hill and the high earth. Then its name came to Kuwait in miniature of Kut, meaning the fortress and fortress, the origin of this word Bubbly. Kuwait is mentioned in the Bible in the Old Testament, and some say that the origin of this word is Indian.

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Tourism in Kuwait

Kuwait is famous for its distinctive building towers, and also has many distinguished tower buildings, and luxurious gardens organized in an artistic way that attracts everyone looking at it. The urban and economic development of Kuwait, as well as its prosperity in all fields, especially the democracy that enjoys its rule in addition to its enjoyment of freedom of opinion; all this gives it a feature of distinction and fame among countries. Kuwait is famous for its interest in culture, as it is one of the most active and important Arab countries in the field of printing, publishing and distributing books, and holding cultural exhibitions.

Universities in Kuwait

Kuwait is famous for its many universities due to the size of its area, and we find in it (Kuwait Shuwaikh Educational University, the American University in Kuwait, the Public Authority for Applied Education Training, the Australian College in Kuwait, the Gulf University for Science and Technology, the Arab Open University, the Maastricht College of Business Administration, and the American College of the Middle East , Box Hill College for Girls, Kuwait College of Technology, American University of the Middle East, and College of Aviation Technology).

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Despite the short period of time for the emergence of this state, it was able to establish itself between countries, so that it has an important position, whether in opinion or at work, where we find that women in Kuwait take precedence in obtaining most of their rights if compared to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council Especially when she was able to be a member of the People’s Assembly in 2006 AD, and also women in Kuwait had the share in receiving the ministry.

In 2001, Kuwait was appointed as the Heritage Capital of the Arab World, and in 2009 it also hosted the Arab Summit (Economic, Developmental, and Social).

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