Art Science Museum

ArtScience is one of the most important tourist attractions in Singapore, and this museum is characterized by a mix between the worlds of art and science in its exhibits in a coordinated manner, and this museum has recently updated its permanent exhibition called the “Future World”, where visitors can Explore an interactive, high-tech set of digital compositions.

Singapore Botanical Garden

The Singapore Botanical Garden was first opened in 1859 CE, which makes it one of the oldest parks in Singapore, and is also home to more than 10,000 species of plants and many animals, such as huge lizards, which is one of the most important centers for research, and orchid breeding in the world .

Pulau Aubin Island

Pulau Aubin Island is located in the northeast of Singapore, and it is an island inhabited by nearly one hundred villagers who practice the profession of extracting stone from the island. Favorite for bird watchers and nature lovers.

Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo is known as Mandi Park, and it is one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore, located on the outskirts of the Celtar water tank in a dense forest area. The Wildlife Park in Singapore manages the park, and there are 315 animal species, 16% of which are animals Endangered.

Big Splash

Big Splash is a water park based on sea water, where you can visit this park, enjoy the experience of water slides, visit many restaurants, cafes, beaches, mini golf courses, beach ball courts, and enjoy seafood, in addition to The possibility of enrolling in diving courses.

Yurong Bird Park

The Yorong Bird Park was first opened in 1971, and this museum includes more than 380 species of birds, and is considered the largest bird park in the world, and can be visited to enjoy watching the Abu Qarn birds, Macau, parrot, and flamingos, among others.
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