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Many people may not think of preparing a tourist program in Azerbaijan for 7 days, expecting that the Islamic country whose call to prayer is heard in its cities full of mosques, Islamic centers and universities possesses only icons of tourism and religious study, and it will be a surprise for them to discover that tourism in Azerbaijan that ancient country has sites A breathtaking natural and fun family entertainment places no less than international entertainment cities.

We prepared it for you from Azerbaijan tourist schedule, it will pay your curiosity to travel
To Azerbaijan, this Islamic country which offers you religion and life on golden vessels
For purely tourist motives.

Accommodation options when preparing a tourist program in Azerbaijan

There are several options for housing in Azerbaijan
The nature of each region, the budget and specifications of each guest in the dream place of residence in cities
Tourist Azerbaijan.

The guide offers a group of the best hotels of Azerbaijan in various forms in different tourist cities, which gives you an upscale stay during a tourist program in your Azerbaijan .. Read more

The best tourist program in Azerbaijan 7 days

We offer
You have a complete 7-day touristic schedule for Azerbaijan, divided between the most important cities and attractions
It is recommended to visit it, and to start with a city, Baku as the capital and the most important tourist destination in Azerbaijan

4 days in Baku

If you have already decided to travel to Azerbaijan, we are planning a tourist program for Azerbaijan, visiting the capital, Baku, and a fun 4-day tour.

First day: beach, culture and charming nature

We start
Our first tour in Baku is one of its purest and most enjoyable beaches, then two of its most important landmarks
Cultural and recreational tourism.

Season Baku Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches that you can put on a tourist program in Azerbaijan for 7 days is because of its calmness, clear water and fine sand with opportunities for water sports such as surfing or fishing using boats, in addition to lounging, sunbathing and barbecue facilities.

Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center

The most famous tourist attractions in Azerbaijan and the most prominent places in the Azerbaijan tourist schedule are talking about
Culture and ancient history of the country through the ages through an exhibition of handicrafts, an exhibition
For rare cars, a sculpture and artwork hall, theater and musical performances.

The center, which bears the name of the Iraqi designer Zaha Hadid, is distinguished by its innovative architectural design in the form of sea waves flowing on one of its external walls, an artificial waterfall, in addition to swimming pools, a library and a conference hall on an area of ​​57 thousand square meters .. Read more

Baku appointed

A 50-meter giant wheel with small cable-like carriages hanging from which you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Baku and the Caspian Sea, especially during the night hours, as the sparkling night lights on the city add charm and special elegance .. Read more

Where do you eat

What gives a tourist program in Azerbaijan 7 enjoyable days is to have a delicious East Asian meal at the Shinar restaurant closest to Ain Baku, which is located a 3-minute drive away with a very good general evaluation of Arab tourists.

Chinar Restaurant location on the map from here

The second day: archaeological sites and historical monuments

As for the second day during a 7-day tourism program in Azerbaijan, we will move from the classic old city, its heritage and authentic Azerbaijani architecture to one of the most important features of modern Baku.

old City

The oldest archaeological site rich in history
The Azerbaijani state has for centuries passed through 10 fenced historical districts, each bearing its own
The name of its most famous landmarks such as the Shrwanshayani Palace,
Maiden’s Tower, Bab Al-Haiba Mosque, the Saray Al-Saada, Hajji Bath
Qayyab, Mustafa Zada ​​Museum, Temple of Fire, Saber Baghi Garden, Gusha Gala Gabesi Palace, Wall
Baku city.

Each of the aforementioned landmarks has a unique and sturdy architectural design that pushed it strongly for the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites and always pays the top for every tourist program for Azerbaijan .. Read more

Baku Towers

One of the miracles of architecture is that Azerbaijan’s tourism programs cannot take place without a visit
And maybe stay there if your travel budget allows.

She is
3 tallest residential towers in the history of Azerbaijan, with a height of 28 to 33 modern floors, including a hotel
Upscale and luxurious hotel apartments, in addition to a giant shopping platform in front of it and a cinema.

The flame torch towers in Baku are distinguished by their sleek, glassy design, which is reflected by the sun’s rays and shines at night in splendor that makes the night day .. Read more

Where do you eat

One of the recommended restaurants within a 7-day tourism program in Baku Towers is the restaurant and cafe Shisha La Marrakesh Baku, which has a very good evaluation of Arab tourists.

Shisha La Marrakesh Baku Restaurant & Café location on the map from here

Day 3: An atmosphere of fun, education

After we got used to the nature of life in Baku, it came time to get acquainted with its ancient history and how its amazing nature breathed the legends in the imagination of its people, then tempered the atmosphere with a crazy entertaining tour in the most beautiful tourist program in Azerbaijan 7 days prepared for you.

Azerbaijan Independence Museum

One of the most important historical monuments that you have
Include them in any Azerbaijani tourist program that you do if you want to get to know soon
A brief history of Azerbaijan and its independence movements throughout the ages.

The museum is blessed with hosting about 20,000 archaeological heritage, including rare coins, books, jewelry, documents and archaeological discoveries since 1919 through 6 main halls, each with a different historical era.

Fire generation

One of the most important natural attractions that I do
Tourism company condones its inclusion in Azerbaijan tourist packages

Would be happy
To really visit if you love adventure, excitement, thrill, or legend
Of those looking for hospitalization.

A generation or a hill of fire in one of Abshuzan’s villages, which has been automatically set on fire for 2000 years
BC, up to 10 meters from the hill due to gas leaking from the bottom
The earth, in turn, created hot hospital springs and human rock carvings to cool the water

Baku Karting Theme Park

A fun and entertaining atmosphere lasts for what
After midnight through dozens of games and races to suit the family of
Various ages, along with arenas to rest between games, ordering and eating.

If you have chosen to travel to Azerbaijan with family and children, we advise you to include this city of games into a tourist program in Azerbaijan for your 7 days Baku.

Where do you eat

You can have a rich breakfast at
Open air and affordable prices in the art park restaurant surrounding the museum before heading to a mountain
Fire, then have lunch / dinner at Konak Restaurant inside the theme park.

The location of Art Park Restaurant on map from here

Day 4: A tour between parks and gardens

And finally
The day came to send off to Baku two of its most beautiful recreational parks, peek for families
Old and young.

Baku water park

If your visit to Baku is a family vacation
Do not forget to put this park among your interests when designing a tourist schedule in Azerbaijan

The water park is located within the Jumeirah Belge Beach Hotel, and offers dozens of pools, slides, waterboats and artificial waterfalls, with equipped sports fields … Read more

Baku Zoo

Of the features that are placed in a table
Tourist of Azerbaijan when visiting the capital Baku with family and children.

Baku Zoo is famous for being the oldest of its kind in the country despite its small area that can accommodate 1,200 animals and birds out of 170 species attracted from different world environments, in addition to fish ponds and a lake surrounded by dozens of plant species, a children’s train tour, the bottom line, that you will have The most beautiful tourist program in Azerbaijan 7 days .. Read more

Where do you eat

Jumeirah Water Park offers
Beach Restaurants and cafes serving meals and drinks by the pool, you can also enjoy
Turkish meal at Good Eden Restaurant, 6 minutes’ drive from the Zoo.

Good Eden Restaurant location on the map from here

Two days in Gabala

At the penultimate stop of a 7-day tour program in Azerbaijan, we decided to give you two days in Gabala between the most beautiful landscapes, historical and archeological sites.

First day: a tour between the monuments, nature and entertainment

We start
Our tours in Gabala Learn about what a charming city is with various tours
It includes the religious buildings and the city’s most popular natural and recreational attractions.

New Gabala Mosque

It is a recent architectural landmark that reflects the authenticity of Azerbaijani art and culture, and it is also one of the milestones that visitors are keen to pass through in Gabala when implementing a 7-day tourism program in Azerbaijan to pray and contemplate and depict a square-shaped building engraved with gilded Quranic verses in the Azerbaijani style and its colorful minaret with Its vegetable ponds.

The seven mountain guzel waterfalls

One of the most beautiful natural monuments that you can put within a tourist program in Azerbaijan 7 days, where mountain climbers and those looking for recreation and tranquility in the arms of virgin nature are keen to add it to a tourist schedule in their Azerbaijan.

The waterfall area is characterized by seven mountains and small continuous waterways leading to it, in addition to its picturesque nature.

Gabala Land

The largest city of open-air games in Azerbaijan will be very happy if your family vacation to include it in a tourist program in Azerbaijan 7 days, where traveling between 50 recreational games suitable for all ages, in addition to waterfalls and artificial lakes and an ideal location overlooking the high heights covered in green .. Read More

Where do you eat

you may
During a tourist program in Azerbaijan and after leaving the mosque and a 5-minute drive away, you will have a light meal of shawarma or pizza or
Halal pasta in Restaurant & Lounge, until you have another meal after you have finished the fun
In Gabala Land, one of its various restaurants.

Restaurant & Lounge Restaurant on map from here

The second day: a tour of the arms of nature

And bid farewell
Gabala is a snapshot of its most beautiful natural, breath-taking features, during which beauty meets
The creator was made with some small artificial human participations.

Mount Tuvandag Ski Resort

Among the most beautiful places that young people, adventure lovers, ski enthusiasts, some grooms, and families put in a 7-day tourism program in Azerbaijan during the winter season.

Belongs to
The mountain of the Caucasus mountain range, dubbed the Crown of Mountains, provides immersive pleasure and excitement with its snow
The whiteness of the white that tempts you to practice skiing, in addition to the cable car that takes you from
The foot of the mountain to its summit provides a wonderful panoramic view of the picturesque nature of the city, with
Distinctive places to stay.

Cute garden, Alife

A family tourist attraction in the first place that you must include within a 7-day tourism program in Azerbaijan when traveling to Gabala, which is one of the most famous and important attractions in the park.

The park provides paths for getting around
Beautiful scenery and fragrant scents provided by thousands of flowering trees,
Family playgrounds for adults and children, fountains, springs, artificial lakes, etc.
A community provides a fertile place to receive various concerts.

Where do you eat

At the end of this day of a 7-day tourism program in Azerbaijan, you can enjoy a delicious Arabic or Indian meal in a delicious restaurant 3 minutes’ drive from the Tufandag Resort, or the Yeshir Yiri Grills and Local Bakery in Zarifa Aliyev Park.

Delicious restaurant location on map from here

A night in the arms of Quba heritage

One of the most Azerbaijani cities that witness the religious tolerance that the state has embodied for centuries
Besides a picturesque nature that is not blurred by what we will see.

Sakina Khanum Mosque

The most beautiful historical mosques that you will be happy to add to a schedule
Tourist of Azerbaijan when traveling to Quba.

The history of the mosque dates back to the 19th century
Sakina founded it in honor of the memory of her late Azerbaijani husband and writer
Bakaykhanov in the form of a square brick house with a red brick topped with a ceiling and a gray minaret
Short and arched windows.

The Cochineal Reed

The most important archaeological sites that represent the spirit of each tourist schedule in
Azerbaijan, Quba.

The Kasbah
It is a Jewish village that overlooks the river and is inhabited by a number of historical temples
It is characterized by a classical and original architecture, to which a staircase is topped with statues of God
Greek Adonis and a connected pedestrian bridge.

Nizami Garden

The best places of tourism in Azerbaijan to socialize and reflect on the people practicing
Some of their basic social rituals are through the shade of trees with
Drink tea and play dominoes against the backdrop of songbirds and landscapes
The stunning scenery of Quba and the beautiful minimalist architecture of Nizami Park.

Where do you eat

At the end of the most beautiful tourist program in Azerbaijan, 7 days, we advise you to eat a delicious traditional meal of lamb or halal and inorganic chicken in Halic Restaurant, which has reviews that come close to the excellent Arab tourists.

Halic Restaurant on map from here

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