The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous 4 cabarets in Bangkok

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The cabarets in Bangkok Bangkok is one of the most famous and most beautiful places for tourism and entertainment in Thailand. And if you decide to spend your summer vacation in the company of your family or friends, then surely you will find a distinctive and interesting choice. Bangkok contains many diverse cabarets that adults and children enjoy and find unique places in it By the city.

Theme parks in Bangkok:

1 – dream world

It is considered one of the most important and famous amusement parks that exist in Bangkok. The Dream Word theme park is located near Bangkok with a distance of about 40 km. About thirty or forty minutes to go from Bangkok to the Dream Word theme park. It was opened since the year 19 19 19 and designed the theme parks with a design similar to Disneyland amusement parks. It was also divided into different sections such as the land of dreams, the land of choice and the land of adventures. It contains several parks such as the Asian Garden, the European Village, the Australian farm and the Mexican desert. As for dates, your adventure in the Dream Word theme park starts from ten in the morning until its doors are closed in Five in the evening and the seventh in any It includes 40 official holidays and vacations. It contains 40 games of fun games, including ones for children only or for adults only. There are also games suitable for children and adults. The games in Dream Word are distinguished by their diversity and diversity, as they attract all ages, thus ensuring a fun trip for all the benefits of the family. A full day in order to enjoy all the activities available and preferably to go from early morning. Also read: Transportation in Bangkok .. All you need to know about transportationThe cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous - The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous 4 cabarets in BangkokDream world

2- Snow town

Whoever does not know the Snow City is one of the most important amusement parks in Bangkok. The Snow City is a unique experience as it is the first city to enter in Thailand and as soon as it opened it witnessed a great demand to enjoy this new experience. The cabarets are designed in the form of a village of snow and contain small houses inside Belgian city style which is considered as a children’s play village that was completely covered in snow at an altitude of about 40 cm and the temperature was set to 15 ° C. Snow city attracts tourists very much due to the high temperatures in Bangkok, where it sometimes reaches 80 ° C which makes tourists find Snow City is a refreshing place for them You can enjoy games and ski for an hour for only $ 9. You can rent snowboards, gloves, and snow clothes from the city for a certain amount to enjoy snow games, house builders, and playing with the family. You can also take help from aides to teach you how to use Skateboards and gloves are located in the Akwai Shopping Center specifically on the fifth floor. They start receiving visitors from eleven in the morning until eight in the evening with an area of ​​3000 feet1581240848 828 The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous - The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous 4 cabarets in BangkokSnow town

3- Kidzinia Theme Park

For children if you decide to take your children to visit kidzinia amusement park, of course it will make them live a unique experience. As amusement park kidzinia id lk Hil, Haiv is a theme park in Bangkok. This city differs from all the game cities in that it causes children to experience a number of different activities such as A firefighter, a doctor, a policeman, and other social functions. The child first begins by choosing the character he wants to wear, then wears the appropriate outfit for her and then begins performing the activity assigned to her with the help of a dedicated team of supervisors to ensure the safety of the children. Regardless of entertainment, you will find that this experience The child reported Thira in terms of discipline and cooperation with others to achieve the public benefit and bear responsibility and other values. Instead of spending the child a great time in amusement parks without benefit other than playing only in kidzinia amusement the child will benefit more than just toys or entertainment only the city starts work from ten in the morning until Five o’clock in the evening. On holidays, working hours extend 3 additional hours, to close at 8 o’clock in the evening. Read also: Famous food in Thailand .. Guide to the most famous food in Thailand1581240848 692 The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous - The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous 4 cabarets in BangkokKidzinia amusement park

4- Siam park city

One of the most famous game cities in Bangkok, where it features many games and places that you will often see in siam park city only. This distinguishes it from the rest of the entertainment places in Bangkok and makes its visitors from the world as a whole. The city contains a game of rapid and frightening death train that is characterized by The city is about the rest of the entertainment venues or any amusement parks in Bangkok and includes many speed and fear games and car games that attract all ages. It also includes a full park for interesting and different water games. Many visitors come to siami park city specifically for these existing games only. The city The city also features the Dinosaur Museum It is the rare thing that will definitely attract your attention. It also contains the wave pool that was classified from the Guinness Book of Records. It is the largest pool in the world. Do not miss it. You and your family start the city of Miami Park to receive visitors from nine in the morning until five in the evening every day and on public holidays, working hours extend three hours Extra. You need a whole day to experience all the activities in the city.1581240848 210 The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous - The cabarets in Bangkok .. The most important and famous 4 cabarets in BangkokSiam park city


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