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Dakar is the capital of Senegal

Dakar is the political capital of the Senegalese Republic, which is considered one of the most important cities in West Africa politically, as it is considered the oldest historically, and is distinguished in the cultural and artistic aspects, and it is indicated that it is the capital of the country since 1960, after its independence from France, and the following comes We will mention information about the capital of the state of Senegal.

Dakar website

This city is located to the west of Senegal, specifically on the Atlantic Ocean. This city rises from the sea level by approximately 14 m, and its area reaches approximately 550 km2, where it mainly consists of 19 municipalities, according to the administrative division of the country approved by the authorities since the year 1996 AD, this city is bordered by the province of Thiès on the eastern side, as it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean from the rest of the other sides. To approximately sixty meters, and as That is the central region with a height of less than ten meters, in addition to the southeastern region, with elevations between fifteen and sixty meters.

Dakar residents

The population of this city is approximately 2.9 million, according to the latest official statistics in 2013, and the population density is concentrated in many municipalities, the most important of which are the Beijing municipality and Kiddway. This city is characterized by its population of different races such as: Wolof, bed, and fulan, In addition to the nationality of the lebu, which is characterized by its low number and its consideration as the first nationality that inhabited the city, it is indicated that there is its own gathering area in the city, and it is distinguished by the fact that it still maintains its old social system, represented by the presence of a first national official who is concerned with managing the internal affairs of the people of this nationality, as well as Tsu Its social differences.

Dakar Economy

The economic activity of the city is concentrated in many areas, the most important of which are production, construction, as well as services, trade, and transportation, which is one of the most important sectors at all, and that constitutes a large percentage of the economic return of the city, with many other economic activities such as traditional fishing that provide many Among the job opportunities for the unemployed, the Dakar port is the main artery for the city, through which most commercial and foreign exchanges take place.

Dakar landmarks

This city contains many artistic and scientific monuments such as:

  • Sheikh Anta Job University, which was founded in 1957 AD, and which is considered one of the most important academic features in the city.
  • Al-Masala Square, dating back to the year 1960 AD, where many artistic and cultural activities are organized there.
  • Statue of the Third Millennium Gate, whose construction dates back to 2001 AD.
  • The African Renaissance statue, which is considered one of the most prominent artworks on the African continent.

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