Cheap markets in Malaysia .. Malaysia has many malls and popular markets of high quality and Arab travelers give you your guide to get the best products at the lowest prices.

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Cheap markets in Malaysia

Get to know .. the cheapest markets in Malaysia .. but before that we get to know the best malls in Malaysia

– “Sunway Pyramid” ..

  - Sunway Pyramid ..– “Sunway Pyramid” .. It is distinguished by its unique shape that is inspired by the Egyptian Pharaonic civilization, especially the pyramids, where there is a statue of a lion like the Sphinx in Egypt and this statue is the largest statue of a lion in the world as there is a poster behind the three pyramids of Giza, while the wall of the market is decorated with ancient Pharaonic inscriptions and drawings The market consists of about 250 shops and if you are a fan of skiing, this market has the largest ski hall in Malaysia and the market includes all your needs as it has various restaurants such as KFC and pizza and its restaurants are famous for providing fresh seafood dishes and Indian cuisine and is located next to This is Sunway Hotel and Theme Park. As for prices, they are convenient and cheaper than other markets. Read also: Hotels near Arab Street in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

– Central Market Complex …

Central Market Complex ...
– Central Market Complex … – If you are a fan of music and parties, we advise you to visit the “Central Market Complex” which is located on the Klang River, where many concerts and festivals are organized on Sunday every week at seven in the evening, and access is easy because of its proximity to the bus station There are also gift shops made of bronze and tin, and you can have a meal with an Arabic taste in the Arabic restaurant called Ahmed Restaurant.

– “Medvale Mega Mall” ..

- "Medvale Mega Mall" ..– “Medvale Mega Mall” .. Among the most important and largest commercial centers in Malaysia and the continent of Asia there is a half hour from the capital on the way to Klang and the most important thing that distinguishes it includes everything you can imagine so that you can buy a car from it as car companies have exhibitions in it and if you want Spend an enjoyable time playing games, for sure, go to it where there is the largest gymnastics hall in Asia and you can enter a movie because there are golden screen cinemas in it and then you can have a Malaysian meal in one of his restaurants that provides halal dishes or have a cup of coffee in the coffee shop.

– BB Plaza Market ..

- BB Plaza Market ..– The “BP Plaza” market .. It is located in Bukit Bintang Street which is called the Arab Street and it is characterized by selling cameras, mobile phones, computers and software programs and also clothes and makeup stores and has branches for large companies and brands such as Carrefour and Oda Ocean and its products are distinguished by their reasonable prices Behind him there is the “Suni Wang Market” as if they were one market, so they are both open to the other, and it also provides shops selling computers, telephones, video games, gym, clothes, cosmetics, restaurants, and it is characterized by its presence beside many hotels, and also there is a “Lewyat Plaza” market behind the Suni Wang Market, which is the first in m Computer, laptops, digital cameras, programming, and the sale of programs with the Arab and foreign exchange number went to very good prices. Also read: The cost of tourism in Malaysia .. the preferred destination in East Asia for those with economic budgets

The “Mainzlandland” Market.

Mainzlandland Market– “Mainzendland” market .. Dear tourist, if you want to shop and at the same time spend a fun and special time, go to it where you can ride a boat from inside the market and go on a tour of Lake Mainz, the market consists of three floors and there are shops selling electronic devices and accessories, cameras and mobile phones Clothes and children’s toys at cheap prices. After shopping, we advise you to have a meal in one of his famous restaurants such as McDonald’s in the first round. He starts working from ten in the morning until ten in the evening.

– City Square Market ..

- City Square Market ..– “City Square” market .. It is characterized by the presence of many exhibitions specialized in selling Malaysian furniture, and it also provides places for selling children’s needs, travel and tourism offices, and beauty salons at affordable prices.

– “The Mall” ..

There is next to the headquarters of the ruling party, and the mall offers famous electronics and restaurants such as McDonald’s. You can try Malaysian dishes on the ground floor, cloth, silk and clothing stores on the second floor, a supermarket and food, bread and chicken stores on the third floor. The fourth floor has fun parks for children, all at moderate prices. .

To you .. the cheapest market in Malaysia .. and the most popular market there ..

– “The Chinese market in Malaysia” ..

- "The Chinese Market in Malaysia" ..– “The Chinese market in Malaysia” ..the best of the popular market in Malaysia and it is very crowded especially in the evening as it includes different imitation products that are very similar to the original products such as bags, clothes, sun glasses and we advise you dear tourist to use your bargaining skills to reach the cheapest price and there are also shops Selling fresh fruits such as apples, mangoes and Abu Furah. Read also: Tourist places in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and the most beautiful day trips

The “Indian Mosque” market.

The Indian Mosque Market ..– The “Indian Mosque” market .. The most famous market in Malaysia was given this name due to the presence of an Indian mosque on the same street as it is characterized by the shops that provide you with everything related to the Indian culture of clothing, gold or roses and also we find stores that offer Islamic products such as books and CDs And wide clothes, such as jilbab, all at moderate prices and very suitable, and provides you with places to exchange at prices you will not find elsewhere.

– Kota Raya Market ..

It is one of the most popular markets in Malaysia, and it is opposite the Chinatown, and it has shops selling shoes, clothes, and women’s accessories. It is one of the cheapest markets in the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

– The Malaysian Handicraft Center.

There is in Junly Street, branching from Raja Cholan, the first floor in it specializes in the art of Malaysian painting and sculpture and also you can see painters and sculptors while they work and provides children with an opportunity to participate free of charge and has shops selling antiques, jewelry, decorative pieces and gifts.

Chocate Market ..

One of the most popular and cheapest markets is popular and it offers various products such as household items, watches, bags, clothes and vegetables, fruits and meat shops at the best prices and near it there is the Safwan Plaza complex specialized in selling Syrian products such as abayas and accessories.

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