If you are a follower of the Arab Traveler Blog, then your mother must have enjoyed the topics related to tourism in Dubai, especially those that circulate us about the miracles of Dubai and the luxury of modern life in them, as the architectural icons that the emirate is working on every year contribute to creating more tourist attractions, which Make you come back to visit this charming city every time to enjoy more adventures, activities, entertainment prospects, shopping and luxury accommodations .. Let us take you today on an introductory tour of the Aladdin city project in Dubai.
It is a new and unique project that will open in the near future in Dubai, to take residents and tourists to a world of ancient myths, to the world of Aladdin’s tales, through a very integrated entertainment city, reports say that the opening of the project will be before 2020, on an area It is 110 thousand square meters in the marina, in the middle of the Dubai Creek, and that the total amount costs about five hundred million US dollars.
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The most noticeable thing in Aladdin city in Dubai are the three towers that were designed to be in the form of lamps with golden colors, connected to each other by an air-conditioned bridge measuring 450 meters in length in addition to three other buildings, and includes the three towers that will be in the middle of Dubai Creek A hotel and two commercial towers. The shape of the towers varies between lamps and their height varies between 33 floors for the highest tower and height 24 and 25 floors for the other two towers (according to the Maynahrt group of design).
Holiday-City_Al-Din-City-in-DubaiAladdin city project in Dubai
The project includes many services and entertainment facilities that make “Aladdin City” an integrated city with a number of shops and commercial areas and a parking lot on Baniyas Street outside the city whose buildings will occupy the waters of Dubai Creek.
With the development of towers in the form of icons from the myths of the past, the project will contribute to preserving the heritage activities that take place in the Dubai Creek Harbor, but at the same time the new project is located outside the protected area of ​​the creek, which Dubai Municipality is working to include in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO where It is famous for old wooden boats.
This is the Dubai project, through which tourists will return to the tales of a thousand and one nights, the stories of the Sinbad and Aladdin and the magic lamp, and perhaps the three lights in the middle of the sea port will be among the most beautiful destinations that visitors in Dubai city will visit to gain more of the charm of the city and its beautiful horizon that develops day after day. day.

Watch the video The City of Aladdin in Dubai, published by the Meinhardt Group:

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